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10 Simple Ways to Promote Your Business Online

If you’ve just launched your own business, such as photography, fashion, baking, etc and are facing stiff competition, it’s time to try something new. You need to promote your business online because that’s where every client is. The following are 10 ways to promote your business online.

1. Build your own website

While Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networks can get you noticed, a website is usually the most efficient. People very often search for everything on Google, and a website that’s search engine optimized is the best method for them to find you. Building a 1&1 website doesn’t cost much these days, so hire an expert to put up one for you.

2. Take care of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can’t be overlooked in this era of Google search. Pick up a manual or go online and find an SEO how-to-guide and ensure your website is optimized for search engines. Make sure it performs well in search engine results.

3. Start a blog

Blog about what you do. The response might not be great initially but when you create a new post, share the link on social media (Facebook and Twitter) and even submit the link to your friends via email. Don’t write long drawn out and technical posts. Keep them user-friendly and light instead. They’ll surely hit.

4. Embrace social media

Social media is not just for gaining exposure, it’s now a very important time investment for all businesses to make. Include offers and ads on your own Facebook page and interact with your customers directly on Twitter. Another way to promote your business is to network on LinkedIn at both a company and personal level.

5. Post press releases

Each time your business achieves something newsworthy, don’t be afraid to issue a press release-perhaps people will follow it up. Press releases are a great media tool that can help you generate publicity, and distributing them freely is a plus. There are numerous sites out there where you can post your press releases, including 24/7 Press Release and PRLog.

6. Get listed online

List your business on directory sites like and for free. So many people visit these websites daily to look for different products and services. It is highly unlikely that people will miss you. Be sure to proofread your details and give the correct information as well or you might drive away potential customers.

7. Utilize email marketing

Email marketing can be one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business online. Make sure your site has many sign up tabs and give visitors several reasons to provide their email addresses. Some of the great incentives you can offer your clients to help build customer confidence and strengthen relationships include: competitions, event invites, interesting and helpful material, e.g. eBooks, and exclusive offers on your product.

8. Network with people in similar businesses

This doesn’t necessarily mean you befriend your competition-just associate with people who have similar businesses. For example, if you deal with cakes, associate with big and small time chefs. Network through LinkedIn or send them a message on Facebook. Share with them your work and get insights on how to run a business from them. Also, ask them to market your products or services through their sites/blogs.

9. Give away helpful resources

Build credibility by giving away free educational resources like a video tutorial, an eBook, a whitepaper, etc. Better still, offer the type of content that people will be itching to share and you’ll see your business grow exponentially.

10. Always be accessible

You have managed to catch the attention of some people. What should you do next? How do you translate that into business? Be sure to provide a contact number or an email id upfront for clients to reach you, access your services or place orders. If possible, offer a price list so those who can afford your services can contact you.

Having an active online presence for your business is crucial in today’s business environment. Clients want to find your business online and check it out before visiting your physical address. Now that you know 10 ways to market your business online, you can use them to grow your business exponentially.

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