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4 B2B Search Engine Marketing Resolutions for 2013

With the updates in Google’s algorithm, it is required to get prepared and seize the opportunity. Here are the five resolutions which you should take this year because of the changes in Google Algorithm.

  1. Track more leads: It is now the time to stop working with blinders when you are dealing with results of web traffic and evaluation of Internet Marketing channels. You can do the following things to track more leads:
    • Make use of contact forms instead of email addresses
    • Create enquiry forms and summaries of landing pages
    • Consider call tracking software, when there is large number of business inquiries via offline means.

There is still not a satisfactory conversion metrics from internet marketing strategies. Therefore, it is the time to change the online marketing strategies.

  1. Integrate Lead Management: Complex business to business sales are won by interacting face to face. This is one of the main reasons online lead tracking is not implemented, because they think that sales ready leads can’t be found online instantly. It is important to realize the potential of online lead generation and placing them within the sales funnels. Online lead management is characterized  by a four step process which is mentioned below:
    • Hold or capture: When someone lands at a landing page of website via search and completes a form, you must capture it.
    • Assigning points: Once you have got the visitors who have completed the forms, you have to assign the points to them so that the sales must be focused to those clients who are interested in buying.
    • Ensure that sales team is pursuing its best to win the opportunities
    • Leads which are not sales ready are funneled into a program that involves automated communications for educating them about the products and move them down in the funnel for further sales.

Following the above process will help in generating and managing the leads online.

  1. Invest in content Marketing: Content marketing plays a critical role in search engine marketing. It is one of the best techniques for promoting your product and providing information to the people. Many marketers think that content marketing is effective, and some think it as ineffective. There are many ways for marketing content. You can place your content on the following:
    • In person events
    • Case studies
    • Videos
    • E newsletters
    • Blogs
    • Articles
    • Micro sites
    • Social media

But having the content marketing is not enough for generating leads and traffic unless and until your website is developed and optimized properly.

  1. Bridge departments in organization: For those organizations which work on large basis must advocate SEO in departments. You can divide the SEO work in the following way:
    • Build an IT team who will develop a SEO friendly website.
    • Build a team which will handle all the bottom line SEO like keyword research.
    • Develop the marketing team which will establish the links as Link building needs outbound communication.

Hopefully, the above mentioned list will help you in attaining effective sales in 2013. Due to the rapid increase in online marketing, there have been the separate companies which provide these services. A SEO company provides the web development and SEO Services which help in increasing the traffic as well as sales of any business.

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