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5 Reasons You Should Upgrade To Windows 8

Windows 8 is a new platform for the entire users  of the globe who want to actually upgrade their existing operating system . The cool new features of the new windows 8 are so much impressive and convenient that they have successfully grabbed a good profit from its openings in the market . The features of the new windows 8 are incredible and unbelievable , and due to the advancement in the new operating system we can perform great tasks with high speed and also with better ease. And to launch a new operating in the market is a big risk for the small business peoples, but windows 8 have overcome all your problems and has proved a great operating system you have ever experienced yet.

Here are the 5 big reasons why we are suggesting you ‘all that windows 8 is the best operating system available in the market . Windows 8 would not only help you to give  better  settings in your PC but will also solve your problems like slow startups, security problems , high speed in multitasking any many more vital functions required

1. Protection from the Virus :

Windows 8 has upgrade a new system for the security of the computer from virus , which was not seen in the older version of the windows 7. There are in all 2 security softwares built in the windows 8 for the security purpose . They are the windows defender and the windows smart screen tool .The windows defender always runs in the backgrounds and its main aim is to check the other apps and any other malware or unfamiliar softwares .The second tool the windows smart screen tool helps the PC to detect the unfamiliar malware softwares that have not been checked by the virus protection yet .

2. A great and a Faster Startup

We have made a survey to check that the windows 8 system is actually faster or not? We compared the windows 8 with the existing version of windows 7 and we found incredible results from it that windows 8 is actually very fast as compared to the existing version of it . Due to this only windows 8 gives us a better performance for our PC .

3. An account for the Microsoft :

By logging an account in the any of the PC with the accessing window 8 system and use our settings , preferences, new contacts , all the apps on it which are actually associated with the account. And this great feature is possible because of the cloud syncing .

4. All new and amazing Applications :

Windows 8 provides the user great apps which actually makes the PC running smooth and with fast speed . The apps are given with different colors and symbols . And this new apps were different from the existing windows 7 operating system  . These apps make or gives us better performance with accurate data collect and probably saves our time .

5. The Windows –pro :

The windows 8 provides the users a better experience they have never yet tried . Windows 8 gives a better and better option to enhance our data protection and this is done via Bitlocker technology , which  provides us a  full disk encryption. The new windows pro as the application provides a great opportunity of connecting our computer remotely with the actual  remote desktop connection. Thanks for reading the article and kindly send us feedbacks.

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