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5 Signs It’s TIme For A New Career

Are you happy with your career? It’s not unusual to begin a job wearing rose-colored glasses, only to find that you’ve made a terrible mistake. Whether you no longer feel challenged or have a boss who doesn’t appreciate the work that you do, it may be time to jump ship. Making such a life-changing decision can be frightening; not knowing whether or not you’re making the right choice can make changing careers an overwhelming prospect. For many, it’s often safer to muddle away in a career that is no longer fulfilling than to switch gears. Here are five signs that a career change is the right decision to make.

1. You Are No Longer Excited

A career is more than just a job, it’s a passion. When people begin a career, they often do so because they are excited about the industry and their prospects for the future. When that passion wanes, it’s time to move on. More than money, people claim that fulfillment and enrichment are the reasons they do what they do. If you no longer feel a sense of personal-fulfillment at the end of the work day, leaving your company or your industry is indicated.

2. You Can Only Move Laterally

Very few people are satisfied with entry-level positions. People take a position with a company with the hopes of moving up the ladder. So what happens when there are no more rungs? If you have moved as far as you can move within a company and are not satisfied with your position, it’s time to take your talents elsewhere. There is nothing wrong with not aspiring to be a CEO of a major company. If, on the other hand, that is your goal, striking out on your own may be more conducive to attaining your dream.

3. You Want to Do More

Have you ever sat at your desk and though that a monkey could do your job? If you aren’t being challenged, and your employer isn’t making any moves to develop and increase your skill set, find another job. No one should sit behind a desk day in and day out, daydreaming about life outside of the office. No employee should feel as though they’ve hit a brick wall when it comes to learning new skills. If you want to do more and your employer has turned a deaf ear, go do more somewhere else.

4. Your Work Environment is Hostile

Unfortunately, there are those people in the world who never mentally leave high school behind. The workplace can be a cliquey, hostile environment if not run properly. If walking into work every day is like a waking nightmare of the worst days of high school, it’s time to head for greener pastures. This is especially true if your supervisor or the owner of the company contribute to the hostility.

5. You Aren’t Rewarded

People have different ideas of appreciation. For you, salary increases may be the way you wish to be thanked for a job well done. For others, benefits, paid vacations and a supportive culture may be the thanks they are looking for. Decide what matters to you and determine whether or not you are receiving what you need. Take a look at competing companies and find out what they offer. If your company isn’t meeting your needs and others within the industry can, start sending out resumes.

There’s no doubt that switching careers as an adult can be a scary prospect. When you think about it, spending the next 25 years in a job that you hate is even scarier. If you are unhappy in your current position and fear is the only thing keeping you in the grind, it’s time to break through your fear and do what’s most beneficial for you: change careers.

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