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The 7 Best Careers for People Who Love Kids

If you think kids are adorable, consider working in a field with little ones both to earn a living and to do something you love. Here are seven of the top professions for people who can’t get enough kid jokes.

7. Director of a Museum or Science Center for Kids

Parents flock to kid-friendly museums and places like the St. Louis Science Center to take advantage of interactive exhibits, educational sessions, and films. Being a director at one of these institutions allows you to have direct contact with families and children because they’re your primary audience. Have fun imagining ways to impress and inspire the children who come through your doors.

6. Pediatric Dentist

A child with a toothache usually doesn’t feel like playing or doing schoolwork. So, pediatric dentists who work at places like Kool Smiles tackle a range of tooth problems in little mouths so kids don’t have to live with pain. From standard treatments like fillings to preventative measures like sealants, pediatric dentists have the necessary skills to take care of your child’s mouth and keep it in tip-top shape. They also handle emergency situations such as broken teeth.

5. Pediatrician

What’s more rewarding than helping a sick child feel better? Treat kids who are dealing with mild illnesses to serious, chronic conditions in your work as a pediatrician. Come up with fun ways to reward kids for cooperating during the physical exam. Work at places like Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia or set up a practice in your home town. In most areas, demand is strong for general practitioners of pediatric medicine.

4. Entertainer for Children’s Birthday Parties

Watch as little faces light up when you show up to a birthday party wearing a red nose and big, floppy shoes. Clowns are expert comedians and many do magic tricks. Being a magician is another option if you love having an audience that’s too young to drive.

3. Social Worker

If you have a passion for helping families in crisis, think about becoming a social worker. These professionals advocate for children, assess living situations, recommend appropriate resources, and help them get the help they need. Some social workers help families find and adopt children who need parents.

2. Speech and Language Pathologist

Speech and language pathologists work in many different settings. They may have their own practice or work in a public school system. This career gives you one-on-one contact with children who need focused help with communication. Often, these practitioners work with kids through play. What better gift to give a child than the ability to speak clearly what’s on his or her mind?

1. Teacher

Whether it’s preschool or middle school, being a teacher puts you on the front lines of working with children. Expect to spend most of your work day doing a mix of hands-on activities, educational games, supervising kids during free time, and interacting with kids who need extra help.

What inspires you to want to work directly with children?

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