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7 Reasons to Consider a Career in Health Information Technology

Are you looking for a career that has a lot to offer? If so, then you should consider the many offerings of a health information technology career. These reasons should be all the convincing you need:

The field is booming. It is projected that the healthcare IT field will grow by at least 30 percent over the next several years. In a world where job security is not always guaranteed, this projected growth offers a lot of promise for those looking to enter a career they know won’t be going anywhere.

Educational options. Formal training is necessary to the pursuance of a career in health information technology. Fortunately, you have a lot of options when it comes to getting your education, from community colleges to online learning programs.

Variety. If you thrive on having a variety of tasks to complete, and in a variety of disciplines, then health information technology can provide you with the stimulation you need. Working as a health IT specialist means having knowledge and expertise in computer technology as well as healthcare, and there is no end to the variations in between.

Healthcare without the patient care. If clinical settings make you feel uneasy and you are squeamish about bodily fluids, but you still have a desire to work in the healthcare industry, then a career in health information technology enables you to do just that. As a healthcare IT professional, you will work in the medical field, but only behind the scenes–no patient care necessary.

Variety of work environments. If you are looking for a lot of options when it comes to work environment, then you can’t go wrong with a job in health information technology. That is because healthcare employers of all types–from hospital physicians to healthcare product distributors will rely on the expertise of healthcare IT specialists in the future.

Salary. The healthcare field in general is known for offering higher than average salaries (as compared to non-healthcare fields), and careers in healthcare information technology are no exception.

Areas of specialization. Because the field of health information technology is so varied, you have many opportunities to specialize and carve out your niche, whether you are looking for IT management jobs or something more specific, like app development. The more you specialize, the more secure your career outlook is, so the variety of areas of specialization in healthcare IT is a very good reason to pursue a position in this field.

There are many compelling reasons to consider a career in health information technology. Keep all of these things in mind when determining whether or not this is the field for you.

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