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Published on August 19th, 2015 | by Mack A


9 Habits That Help You Become More Productive

It really does not make a difference where do you work. If you are at job, you will be constantly looking for ways to be more productive. But productivity does not increase in a day. It takes time to develop habits that help you become more productive at work. Honestly just thinking about it would not work. The search of being more productive at work has left behind the basic meaning of what productivity means. Here is a list of 9 habits that can help you increase productivity at work.

So what is it that is making everyone talking about productivity now and then and what is the obsession about? Well, talking about productivity completing your target within a given span of time is not productivity. It is rather called effectiveness. Productivity is when you have new business ideas for the organization and how than idea can help generating revenue for the company. But in this technology driven era, the distractions are many that can keep you from being productive.

It is a myth that doing a number of things in a day will help you become more productive. In reality it is the exact opposite of what people who are productive do. If you really want to be productive you have to make sure that you keep to a fewer things for the day.

Here is a list of 9 things that you should do in order to have a productive day and feel somewhat euphoric.

  • Take the Less-Is-More Approach

Start by cutting your to do list into half. Recognize your decision points and prioritize your tasks. Getting everything completed in your work day does not account that you for being productive. Instead taking the less is more approach makes you do more with the less number of tasks listed on your list. Do this for a while and you fill realize those numerous things on your to-do list make no sense now. This way you can also keep your focus on completing the priority tasks before anything.

  • Break Your Day

It is no harm to take frequent breaks and rejuvenating yourself for the rest of the day. The pain that you might feel after hours of using your brain is the sign that you need to take a break and now is the time. Once your brain gives you the signal, stand up and take a break immediately. When you come back energized, you will have a better focus on the remaining tasks.

  • Say Yes to Distractions

Yes you heard it right. A little bit of social media exposure would not harm you, rather would keep you fresh time to time. Letting yourself detach from the usual and seeking into a new window helps you refocus better.

  • Stay Healthy

Being productive requires you to stay fit physically and mentally both. If you are physically fit, you feel a certain energy within yourself for the entire day. Further, to leverage your mind and body connection drink a lot of water, take small meals, limit the amount of caffeine and include a session of moderate work out.

  • Sleep Well

As important it is to eat healthy to be productive during your day, it is equally important to give yourself proper rest to be fresh and productive like the day before. Sleeping well means respecting your body and taking care of your most important asset that is going to take you forward lifelong.

  • Keep Learning

You should always be active to learn new things especially in your field that help you do things faster and better. With the availability of number courses online, it has become a lot easier to upgrade your knowledge time to time and add to the productivity of your organization.

  • Club Similar Tasks

A schedule should allow you to do similar tasks in a row. Like this you will be able to complete tasks faster. For example, if you are supposed to make phone calls, make them in a row. After one or two calls your brain will process the rest of the calls at a faster rate than the first ones. This is a smart way to save time too.

  • Make a Routine with a Twist

The daily routine can easily bore you. But you still have to get things done.  If you twist your routine a bit, things can become interesting for you. For example listening to music while you work or holding a meeting at a different venue than the regular meeting room can be bring some positive advantages to your productivity.

  • Create a Physical Environment that Works For You

That is, make your workplace work for you. If the physical surroundings do not support or motivate you but distract and make you lazy then you will definitely have a negative effect on creativity. A quiet area with bright lighting and a clean desk will add to your productivity.

End of It

So in a nutshell, being productive by no means is tacking up a lot of things on your plate. It simply implies taking care of yourself so that you are fit to think for an organization, learn constantly and working in a comfortable environment. Add these to your work life to be more productive at work.


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