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Aid Language Learning With Movies

The on-going competition between travel companies and service providers has opened up the entire world for many people who would not have necessarily been able to afford to visit and experience the incredible amount of interesting destinations that this planet has to offer.

Amongst many other things this new ability to travel combined with the global reach of the internet has led to people becoming interested in learning new languages for business and recreational reasons. The amount of personal reasons for language learning are simply immense and range from a love of a specific countries food to different nationality dating and relationships; music and film are also very popular reasons for this pursuit. The business reasons are obvious and many students at English Language Schools are now business men and women looking to learn the internationally recognised language of business that is the English language.

English has now been adopted by the entire modern world and there literally is no other language that can compare when it comes to standards and usage; by learning this popular language you will dramatically increase your prospects as a student or business professional.

English Language School courses are the very best way to learn the language and these combined with living in a country where English is the native language gives the student as much exposure as is possible to the English language and its uses on a day to day basis.

There are many ways to learn any language but the best are normally the most enjoyable to the student making learning fun rather than a chore – Movies are a very good example of this.

No matter what the reason is that drives you to attend an English Language School the helpful tips below will make your entire studies easier and hopefully a fun and very rewarding experience that will serve you well throughout your entire life.

Variety –Due to the fact that although the English Language is fairly generic across the globe there are regional differences in pronunciation and word use depending on the country or even the part of a country that you are in.  Rhotic or Non-rhotic pronunciation, idioms, expressions, slang and other aspects of regional English can be easily experienced in Movies made in the country in question giving the student a very real insight into how the language is used in that particular country. Watching your favourite movies in English is a very good idea when trying to learn the language due to the fact that you will already have a clear understanding of what is being said making understanding the dialogue much easier than with a film that you have never watched before.

Culture –One of the hardest elements of learning any language is the cultural aspect of the studies effecting usage and giving the student a better understanding of why the language is used in a certain way. Culture is an essential part of the language learning process and while this can and will be taught in an English Language School, watching movies will give the student an excellent base to work from before, during and after their English language course. Plot lines in all films from all countries brilliantly illustrate social customs from table manners to weddings and funerals, holidays, celebrations and language idiosyncrasies.

History –Language is an ever evolving entity with all manner of social and technological progression affecting the way that we live our lives and how we use the spoken word. New words and phrases are created and some words simply stop being used – it is safe to say that a conversation held 100 years ago in most languages (especially English) would be very different to listen to than one held today. History is not an essential part of the language learning process but by watching old movies or at least movies whose plot lines are set in days gone by a student can gain a very good insight into the development of the language and the origins of some word and phrases / sayings that are still in use today.

Studies have clearly shown watching Movies to be extremely beneficial for all forms of learning, especially language acquisition and learning. Musical – Rhythmic, Visual – Spatial,Intra-personal,Inter-personal and Verbal – Linguistic intelligence learners receive, process and acquire communicatively based language elements almost subconsciously from movies.

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