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All You Need To Know About Photography

What is Photography?

Photography is the art, science and practice for creation of long-lasting images by recording electromagnetic radiation or light, either electronically with the help of image sensor, or chemically with the help of photographic film. Typically, lenses are used to focus light emitted or reflected from objects into real images on a light sensitive surface of the camera at the time of exposure. Photography is used in many fields of manufacturing, science and businesses as well as for recreational purposes, art and mass communication.

Other Photographic Techniques

  • Stereoscopic- Photograph, both color and monochromatic, can be captured. It is displayed through 2 side-by-side imagery that emulates stereoscopic vision of human being. It was the first photographic technique which captured information in motion.
  • Full Spectrum, infrared and ultraviolet- New technological ways in digital photography led to the development of full spectrum photography in a new direction where there are careful filtering choices among infrared, visible and ultraviolet spectrums.
  • Light field photography- Digital methods of display processing and image capture have enabled in the development of new technology which is “Light field photography.” After the capturing of image, this process helps in focusing at any depth to be selected.

Most Popular Photography Courses

  • Beginners Photography Courses- If you don’t know about cameras, don’t worry. These courses help to learn about the basic components and functions of the camera as well as about how to hold a camera to the clicking of a perfect photograph. This is a basic program for an individual to learn about digital photography.
  • Advanced Photography Courses- When you want to take your experience in photography to a new level, you might be thinking of an advanced photography course. This is a long term course as you need to capture images with high-level equipment for years, maybe in a semi-professional setting or a professional manner.
  • Fashion Photography Courses- These types of courses are offered at several schools in all over the world. During this course, students get opportunity to work and travel with a professional and experienced photographer on the way.
  • Portrait Photography Courses- You will be taught to take great quality individual pictures by enrolling in these programs. But, in this program, you need to learn about how to efficiently interact with clients.
  • Wedding Photography courses- After the completion of this course, you can be highly paid for clicking photographs in various wedding functions as this area requires special experience.
  • Wildlife Photography courses- If you like animals and nature, this course can make a great living for you as you need to do research in difficult climatic as well as land conditions like Forests, areas covered with ice etc.

All the courses discussed above are very easily available in all the metropolitan cities of India. Long term and short term photography courses in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc. are in great demand and they offer these courses at very reasonable rates.


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