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An Introduction To Cloud Computing Storage

From business meetings to casual, passing mentions in personal discussions, chances are that you’ve heard of cloud computing or the cloud. While it can seem like a complicated concept beyond your comprehension, in reality, cloud computing is quite simple and once you have a basic understanding, it is relatively easy to harness this extremely beneficial technology as a storage method in your office or home. Read on for a general overview of what cloud computing storage is all about and how you can take advantage of it.

What is Cloud Computing?

Broadly speaking, the cloud refers to any information that is hosted via the Internet. The combined term of cloud computing refers to the use of a number of servers and super computers in the provision of data; this data can be accessed by multiple users in multiple destinations. All that is required for usage is a reliable Internet connection.

Storage Purposes

Whether you have numerous photo albums on Facebook or use Google Drive to stow in-progress documents, you have probably used cloud computing storage in some way without even knowing it. Nowadays there are numerous providers and options available, allowing you to tailor your purchases to your needs. Gone are the days of paying for a product (i.e. space) that you don’t use. Free trials or reduced cost options are also quite common, so be sure to take advantage of this in order to become familiar with the technology and ascertain how much space you will actually need.

The Benefits

Arguably the biggest benefit of using a cloud computing storage solution is the ability to upload and store your files in the one, easily accessible place. This streamlined approach cuts down on many inefficiencies and can be a real asset to businesses both small and large. As programs or applications can be run on linked computers simultaneously, this also generates huge savings on license fees, installation costs etc. The use of remote, external servers also results in a decrease in the demand placed on your computer by hardware and/or software requirements.

Is it Secure?

As with all other internet-based technology, the issue of security also lingers over cloud computing. While it is natural to feel dubious about virtual files (if they are physically in your hands, it is easier to feel in control and implement the protection measures), in actuality, there are high-security options available, such as Your Digital File. This Australian company recently launched its eponymous, niche cloud computing storage solution that is targeted at corporate and individual clients who need a high level of security for confidential data. If you are not satisfied with the guarantees offered by more mainstream providers and plan on storing documents such as wills, financial statements, insurance policies and leases, then this could be ideal for you.

Do you have a better understanding of how cloud computing storage works? Which provider do you use? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of this technology? Comment below to share your opinion.

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