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Apps For The Globe-Trotting Business Professional

An American adult takes an average of 6.7 business trips annually, whether within the United States or to some other parts of the world. If fact, business travels in the US is responsible for about $246 billion in total spending.

Meanwhile, Business Travel News’ Corporate Travel Index for this year revealed that the per diem, which is a daily allowance for expenses, derived from food, hotel and miscellaneous costs for business trips is $366 for non-US cities and $292.41 for 100 US cities.

Covering over 200 cities around the world, the Corporate Travel Index is an annual effort to gauge business travel per diems by Business Travel News, corporate travel news and research agency.

This year, for instance, hotel costs in 100 US cities are at an average of $158.99. Car rental costs in the same cities average $38.77. Moreover, average daily expenses for three meals incurred by business travelers are at $85.41. Rising hotel costs in the US offset lowering car rental and meal expenses.

So, if this is the case, wouldn’t a business professional like you make sure that you get the most out of your corporate trips? Thank god, the Business Insider has listed down some of the world’s greatest travel apps that can walk you through your business travels.

The Business Insider, business and technology news source and based in New York, publish “The App 100” annually. The App 100 is an executive list and ultimate guide to 100 of the best mobile apps for smartphones, tablets, desktops, and the web out on the market.

1. App in the Air

App in the Air is a free travel app compatible with mobile gadgets running on the iOS. This app is great for both frequent fliers and anyone taking a flight. App in the Air provides users with airport information such as the best restaurant around or a Wi-Fi hotspot. This app can also keep your family, friends, and colleagues posted about your travel updates through social networking site Facebook and Twitter.

2. Kayak

Who says that you can’t do anything about expensive flight rates? Kayak is among the best travel comparison engines for free downloading on most app stores. It is compatible with iOS, Android and Blackberry gadgets as well as Kindle Fire and Windows. With Kayak, you can search for the best deals on flights and hotels; and keep track of your flight status and reservations once you’ve booked.

3. Uber

What more can be the best travel companion that a mobile app that allows you to hail a cab from your very smartphone? Uber is a free app for Android and iOS that lets you request a private driver from any city the taxi company services. Uber can also charge your fare to your credit card and email you the official receipt.

4. Tomtom

With Tomtom, there is no longer a need for a standard GPS device in your car. Although it comes with a price of a little less than $50, Tomtom is an app for iOS and Android that can give you a turn-by-turn navigation and traffic re-routing. It supports a 2D and 3D map display as well as Google Local Search integration.

In a survey of 300 small and mid-sized business owners across all industries in the US, 57% of business owners rely on cloud apps to perform business-critical tasks, says RingCentral. Among the frequently downloaded apps on most app stores are travel apps for business professionals who are always on the road.

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