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Are You a Good Fit for an Online Degree Program?

Obtaining your online education can provide you with multiple benefits. You can study at your leisure, save yourself a nightmarish commute and hold down a full- or part-time job while pursuing your studies. On the flip side though, you need to embrace the responsibilities which are consistent with these freedoms. Developing your discipline is a must, as you cannot possibly excel with your online studies unless you are willing to be your own drill sergeant.

Write out your online student goals. Decide on when you intend to acquire your degree and why you wish to obtain your degree. Determining why you wish to study online identifies your motivation immediately. You no longer dawdle or waste time when it comes to getting down to your studies. Hold your reason why in your mind at all times and you will never put off studying in favor of some low-energy habit, like watching TV or hanging out with your friends.

Are You Motivated?

Revisit why you want to earn your academic stripes online. The reason is almost always tied to some form of being free. Maybe you are a single parent who wishes to spend more time at home with your children. You are short on time and wish to waste no energy on a long commute to school, and going away to school is out of the question. Pursuing your online studies helps you to spend more time at home, looking after your children.

The issue resides in the fact that you are your own professor. You present your syllabus, homework and tests. Remaining motivated to study after you spend a long and hard day at work, and while your children are sick, and when you feel exhausted, is an absolute must, as you cannot pass with flying colors online unless you are a serious student who puts aside the time to study each day.

Can You Manage Your Time Well?

Good time management is non-negotiable when it comes to online schooling, whether you are studying for an online healthcare administration degree, masters in philosophy or anything in between. With no set class times forcing you into crafting a schedule, you need to be able to make the time you need to study each and every day all on your own. The flexibility of an online degree is one of the most awesome features, but will be the kiss of death for someone who cannot manage their time well.

Are You Organized?

Being motivated to study online is only one part of the success equation. Unless you are properly organized forget about trying to succeed online, because you are apt to spin your wheels at a mind-numbing pace. Assess your current organizational skills. Where can you improve? Do you wake up early to attack your day, or are you prone to sleeping in, then hurrying through your day to reach your goals because you are too lazy to set an alarm clock?

Organized people succeed online. They set detailed goals, build detailed plans and follow a strict, regimented schedule each day to make their goals a reality. Be honest with yourself. If you are hungry enough to succeed, your organizational skills can improve dramatically.

About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys blogging about online schooling.

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