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Bespoke Application Hosting – It’s Easy On The Cloud

As a business that depends on IT, you’re likely to have already experienced the difficulties and costs of upgrading your applications and programmes. Each year in many industries, new versions are released and if you want to stay ahead of the game, you’ll need to expend a lot of money to buy the licenses for your machines and users! You’re also likely to need to upgrade your hardware in order to cope with the new requirements.

But cloud computing is revolutionising the way that we access our information. It’s changing the way that we share files, access them, save them and work on them. Here’s why bespoke application hosting is essential for you, and why it’s so easy on the cloud!

Up in the Clouds

So just what is cloud computing? Well, everything that’s stored on your computer is accessed through your hardware. All your programs, files and data are kept on your disk, or even on your server and network. A cloud solution is where your computer is basically just a window. All the information, hardware and programs you need are hosted by a specialist elsewhere. This means that your computer doesn’t have to have the capabilities or space to cope with the expensive and power hungry requirements to keep up with the latest and greatest. All you have to do is pay a small monthly fee to get great access. No more server rooms, no more giant hardware or upgrades. Cloud computing is changing our IT world!

Practical Application

One of the amazing things about the cloud is that you get the latest applications at your fingertips, wherever and whenever. Cloud computing with bespoke application hosting means that you can have access to applications on different platforms with your account. You can access them on tablets, Macs, PCs and other mobile devices no matter where you are. This means that in a practical sense you can save so much time and money. You don’t have to worry about sickness, bad weather, leaving laptops at home and so on, all you need is an internet connection and you can get your hosted content up in a flash.

Speaking of practicalities, you’ll also have access to an amazing support service provided by your hosts. They’ll be on standby to help with any issues that you may encounter, but because they host and maintain everything at their central location, they’ll be monitoring your systems around the clock. Their top priority is safety, security and keeping things running at maximum efficiency. You don’t have to lift a finger, what more could you ask for?

The Big Guns

Since the applications reside on a hosted desktop at a central location by specialist companies, it means that you don’t need supercomputers to run the latest programs. As we mentioned before, their hardware does all the hard work, so yours doesn’t have to. The range of programs available is vast too. Whatever industry you’re in, you can request any program whether or not it was built for cloud access through the internet. From the smallest programs to memory intensive video editing software and design packages, there’s nothing that the cloud can’t handle.

Cloud computing makes applications less processor intensive.

Sharing is Caring

Not only does it mean you save time, space and money, it also means that you can operate in our well connected world. Sharing information between branches and different offices is easy when they’re small, but if you’re sending more than spreadsheets or word processing documents then emails just don’t cut it. Larger files need to be shared quickly and easily, and that’s why your application hosting works so well with a cloud solution. Two different offices at the other side of the globe can potentially use the same software, and access the same files with ease. This makes communication and networking quick, cheap, and effective.


Most companies in their early days simply worry about staying afloat, but whether you’re an industry giant or at new beginnings, cloud computing can help you stay ahead of the competition. You save time, space, money and open up a whole new world of opportunities for your IT. Get in touch with the professionals, and let them take care of everything for you with a bespoke application service. When things are running smoothly, your business will grow and you’ll see the benefits of your investment. Quite simply, you’ll be on cloud nine!

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