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Better Life or Living for a Job – Which Is Correct?

Most people are not quite sure about their career or future while they are still in schools or colleges. But it is suggested that people should at least have a basic idea of the kind of work they want to do or the type of approach they  should take towards their career. One of the most important thing that a person should decide is that whether he/she will live for the job or  job is a license for them to live a better life. One should be quite aware of the approach he/she should take towards work and how to balance between personal life and professional life.

Most people particularly those who have just crossed the threshold of high schools or university opt for jobs to have a better life which they crave for. They work hard to fulfill their dreams, buying things and have fun with friends. But having a good job is not all about partying and eating out, it requires certain responsibilities particularly once you enter into the job as a full timer after completing your studies. Sometimes the work commitment can cost your me time or family time. But it is your responsibility to keep yourself in a good position in your organisation at the cost of your personal satisfaction.

Many people may face problem in their career if their expectation do not match with the reality. People mostly work hard to enjoy a good lifestyle. Most of us love to live our lives in the most luxurious way. We want house, cars and all the comforts. But the problem starts if our salaries do not match our expectation. Many people find themselves into serious debts to maintain the lifestyle they have dream throughout their lives. Therefore people should be very careful while searching and selecting a particular job. Before joining they should fix their target, whether they want a better lifestyle or want to have some free time for them.  

On the other hand there are many who are extremely concerned about their career and are quite sure about what they actually want to do in future. Once they fix their target they start chasing it throughout their academic career. They put all their effort in getting their desired job while neglecting all the other aspects of their lives. But this can also be a bit risky. Sacrificing your entire life for the sake of job can ultimately lead to the frustration. It means that you are insecure about your stability and financial status. Dedication towards job is good but people should not let their jobs dominate their lives. 

As a working professional you need to know how much you should provide for your job and career. You should set a limit for yourself and do not stretch yourself beyond that. Balancing is very important in maintaining a healthy life. Apart from job you also need to think about a settling successfully in life. People earn money to have a better lifestyle but if you put all your effort in your company and do not have time to enjoy with your friends and families then it will be of no use.

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The above article is composed and edited by Idania. She is associated with many education communities. According to her opinion, when you’re studying for your A Levels, it is important to have an idea over how much you want to approach in your future. We can get good information regarding education and career from her various blogs.

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