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BPM Banking

Many banks lack proper business management and are drowning in paperwork. This situation seriously affects the productivity of your enterprise and gives your competitors an opportunity. In order to solve this problem your bank requires business process management.

What is BPM and what is stands for

BPM means Business Process Management. This is a philosophy and a business approach in the same time. Inefficient process lower down the profitability. BPM is a way to effectively consolidate operations of the bank.

BPM is a concept aimed at optimizing all day-to-day activities of your enterprise. Without smart planning your operational expenses will grow enormously fast. In today’s rough business environment, poor management means devastation. Using instruments like bpm’online CRM can improve your productivity and speed up your work.

Some experts group BPM activities in certain categories such as:

  • Design
  • Modeling
  • Execution
  • Monitoring
  • Analysis
  • Optimizing

At the stage of design, you need to make a detailed plan of your future business process. You need to define whether it is a standard procedure or a new process for your company and make preparations accordingly. You need to have clear vision of what exactly needs to be done.

Modeling is a like stress test for your theoretical plan. You need to know how to react to different circumstances. This stage requires a plan for multiple scenarios. This is where you use all your imagination to think of the worst situation that might happen. You need to know how to prevent any obstacles.

Execution is the implementation of your plan. You need to start the operation and monitor this ongoing process and make sure everything goes right. In case that something goes wrong, you need to react to the situation immediately and fix the problem.

After the process in completed you need to analyze your results. At this point you need look carefully on every step of your process and see if you can improve or optimize something in this process.

BPM Banking

Introducing BPM Banking

Regardless of the size of your bank, your workflow consists of a huge amount of processes. You have ongoing processes and finished processes, and processes that you have not begun yet. You have to manage a lot of things simultaneously like:

  • serving customers
  • launching new products
  • responding to competitors
  • quickly reacting to issues and opportunities

To effectively manage those tasks you can use modern technology like BPM systems, you can find it on This is a type of software, which helps you visualize everything instead of keeping this information in your head.

As a manager your goal is to decrease operational costs. Automating repeatable processes can save you money. Using powerful tools like BPM’online you can automate sales in the banking sector. This is a CRM system with BPM instruments. This means that your team spends more time with your customers instead of filling in paperwork. Building long-term relationships with your customers is the priority of your bank. That’s why you should focus on customer service. CRM stands for customer relationship management. It is a concept based on the idea that you need to constantly analyze interactions with your clients and improve your services to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction. The good news is that there is a platform that combines both BPM and CRM tools.

The benefits of using bpm’online for BPM Banking

If we talk about CRM and BPM – bpm’online is the most suitable software. This solution helps businesspersons to organize and simplify their daily routine operations. It is easy to install and use it. You don’t need an IT background to be able to customize this program and make it suitable for your industry and company size.

With all your customer data collected in one place and well-organized it will be much easier to introduce a new product or service to your customer and keep track of all the information. Bpm’online has many advantages, for example, you can:

  • Quickly create a new account
  • Form a database of existing and potential customers
  • view the transactions that have been made with a client
  • see the closed contracts and deals
  • store your complete product and service portfolio

The huge plus of this program is that it is suitable for small, medium and large companies. You can set the priority of your clients, have a complete profile of your customers, see their preferences, active contacts, bank accounts and cards, etc. You will have all the tools for capturing and tracking leads. Each product stored in your company profile can contain an endless number of parameters. You can import your lists of customer from a broad range of sources; you do not have to manually create a new customer list.

Imagine that you are far away from your computer and you receive a call from a very important client. If you have your data stored on your computer, you will most likely lose the sale because you don’t have the information in front of you. However, with a cloud-based system like bpm’online you can always reach the data you need and close the deal. You can easily access the data and the system from any device. Now you can close deals while you are on business trips and make important decisions even if you are on a vacation, because you can monitor the real-time situation. With the built-in dashboards, you can analyze the statistics and make conclusions about the effectiveness of your approach. To make things even easier you can automate key business processes using powerful yet simple process designer

This CRM platform provides a complete customer journey. You can easily integrate the system with any external services that you might use. This practically means that you do not necessarily have to get rid of your old communicational channels as you can integrate them in the system.

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