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Buy Creative Writing Samples of GRADE Level to Take Your Marks up a Notch

Creative writing can be quite difficult to deal with, especially if you currently lack the most important resource for this kind of work – namely, creativity. If you spend hours upon hours trying to think about something to write a story about but fail to scrape up any ideas, if you are always late with your essays, if every creative writing assignment you get is like a torture for you… Then perhaps it is time you get some help from those who are better at this kind of thing than you are. Why not buy creative writing examples from a trustworthy writing agency? This way you will have something to serve as a template next time you have to write a paper of this type. Even if you don’t feel creative, imitating someone else’s work or using it as a reference point is much easier than trying to imagine something to write about without having anything to go by.

Paid Creative Writing at

A good place to buy creative writing samples is – an online writing company that treats its work seriously enough to have created its own standard of quality (GRADE) – a standard that, according to its claims, can help you rapidly develop your skills and improve your marks. GRADE stands for five aspects of work that address usual concerns of students using paid creative writing samples:

  • Growth addresses stagnation. When you buy a custom sample you don’t just improve your chances of getting a passing grade for your current assignment but make a long-term investment aimed at improving your writing in future;
  • Reliability addresses missed deadlines and poor communication. takes completing its work on time seriously – 9 out of 10 assignments are delivered before the deadline;
  • Authenticity addresses plagiarism and copy/paste. All samples sold by are first checked using highly effective anti-plagiarism tools;
  • Diversity addresses lack of expert writers. has an impressive team of writers at its disposal and makes a point of hiring people from varying backgrounds and with different skillsets. Therefore, it very rarely faces a situation in which it is given an assignment but doesn’t have a writer sufficiently well-versed in its topic;
  • Excellence addresses incompetence. checks applicants willing to work for it very carefully, up to and including having them write test assignments to check their skills. Has More Features if You Are Interested

Of course, having an impressive mission statement is not enough for a writing agency to prove itself as a reliable and trustworthy source of academic samples. That is why description wouldn’t be complete without us mentioning some of its more practical features.

  • It revises assignments free of charge if you ask for it within a limited period after receiving your sample. There is a catch, though – when you ask for a revision you shouldn’t go beyond what you’ve asked in your original instructions. You can only ask to correct mistakes that were a result of writer’s own faults, not your incomplete or poorly-worded instructions;
  • It can provide Progressive Delivery for large orders. In practice it looks like this: the order is divided into several parts. You discuss payment conditions and delivery schedule, after which the writer works on each segment of the assignment in succession, with each being delivered to you immediately after being written. As a result you don’t have to wait for the entire assignment to be finished to start reading and using it.
  • It is universal. writers have many different specializations and can write assignments on almost any prompts. Just make sure you don’t make mistakes in your instructions;
  • It is available around the clock. Both the company’s customer support and the writing team per se are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact at any time, and somebody will be there to reply.

A Few Words in Conclusion

When all is said and done, the only question that concerns students in regards to an online writing service is whether it is a good idea to deal with it. can be considered a solid and trustworthy company with a huge selection of highly skilled writers and an efficient organization. Most orders place with the company are finished on time, and customers usually don’t have to check on the writer to make sure everything is proceeding smoothly. Feel free to contact its customer support if you have additional questions – people there are helpful and will be happy to assist you.

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