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Career Opportunities With A Management Information Systems Degree

A degree in management information systems consolidates an education in business and computing. The degree highlights the role that computers have at the individual or organizational level. With this degree, graduates are able to attain a basis for them to be able to analyze and design information systems they are also able to apply the knowledge that they receive in applying software for business solutions.

There is a huge demand for computer savvy graduates and this degree meets this demand. The importance attached to information systems has become strategically essential. Skilled professionals that have a comprehension of information systems as well as business will command very competitive salaries.

Positions in Information Systems in the Job Market

Once you graduate with a degree in information systems, you will have many choices for your career. Information systems keep changing swiftly and professionals with a degree in this field have opportunities for continued career growth. Generally, positions for people with this degree include system analysts, consultants, network analysts, IT specialists and programmers, database specialists, information security managers, among others.

Working as a System Analyst

As a systems analyst you can expect to develop a career in the IT industry and companies will employ you to scrutinize their IT systems and processes. You will also be expected to provide recommendations on the way forward for their IT department so that the company can function at optimum levels. Companies will depend on you to help them operate effectively and efficiently with the application of information technology. You task will be to converge business and information technology processes through a profound understanding of the requirements and limitations of both fields.

Working as an IT Consultants

As an It consultant, you will develop a career in which you will work in collaboration with clients and provide them with advice. Your advice will mostly be on how they can apply information technology to their business practices. With your advice they will be able to attain specific objectives and overcome the challenges that they face. A career as an IT consultant is essential to businesses because such consultants enhance the structures that are available in any organization and this increases efficiency in the organization’s IT department.

Working as a Network Analyst

A network analyst career is somewhat broad because the term is used to describe the various fields of occupation that have a connection to computer networks. Network analyst work with network systems and these may include local (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) as well as the Internet and Intranet. Network analysts are tasked with the job of analyzing, designing, testing and evaluating the systems that have been mentioned above. Web administrators and developers, network architectures and telecommunications specialists can also be classified in the category network analyst.

Working as an IT Technologies Specialist and Programmer

A career as an IT specialist and programmer involves positions that provide system analysis development, the installation, modification, maintenance and monitoring as well as the integration of computer operating systems. They can also work in the application, networking and database management and programming for the purpose of meeting business needs. It specialists and programmers can be found at the director level, and can also be involved in the operations and applications of programming and analysis as well as systems engineering. They can be involved in networking analysis and engineering, in IT analysis, in equipment and application specialty and in database and security management and applications.

Working as a Database Specialist

With a career as a database specialist, you will provide support to the database systems of a company. Your task is to develop and maintain their database and your work will be done in close cooperation with other technical staff and in particular software engineers and database managers. You will also be expected to help the non-technical staff so that they learn how to use the database for presentations and reports.

Working as an Information Security Manager

With a career as an information security manager, you will be employed in IT security departments as a supervisor, a manager and a trainer of the IT security staff. You will be tasked with the management and implementation as well as the development of the organization’s IT security’s policies and standards and procedures. You will make sure that these are established and enforced. You will also work as the coordinator of organizations information security inspection, its tests and its reviews.

Author Bio: Joshua Turner is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to business. In this article, he describes career opportunities in this field and aims to encourage further study with a Management Information Systems Masters.

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