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Career Paths for Human Services Masters Degree

Some people are drawn to their careers by default accepting whatever role they can get and work their way up in a company. Other people target their careers and go to school to either advance themselves for a promotion or seek better opportunities outside their current place of employment. Those who genuinely are compassionate, empathetic, accepting, sensitive, and analytical may have a great future in Human Services.

Those who have graduated with their human services masters degree online or in the classroom often look for careers in the public service sector. There are many different programs to pursue so the career opportunities are great. The primary focus is on mental health and social services. They look to help improve the public’s quality of life. Some of the work environments you will find them in include correctional facilities, educational institutes, child welfare, health care, mental health, and government entities. Here are 6 career paths for those who have their Master’s degree in Human Services.

Social Workers

Social workers try to help people cope with their lives and help to solve their problems. There are two types. A Direct Service Social Worker helps develop plans to improve a client’s life, assists clients in crisis situations, and helps them adjust to life changing events such as divorce or illnesses. A Clinical Social Worker diagnoses and treats emotional and mental disorders and work directly with other healthcare professionals to treat the client.

Development Directors

Development Directors oversee all fundraising activities and strategies for their organization. They work closely with Program and Executive Directors regarding the organizations financial needs. Their job is to interact and get the assistance of potential donors and educate them about the purpose of the funds needed.


Counselors help people to make decisions and help treat their disorders. You will find many are drug and alcohol treatment counselors or marriage and family counselors. They meet with group or individuals to discuss their problems and get to the root issues of their problems. They assist them in coming up with workable solutions to overcome obstacles.

Grant Writers

Grant Writers work closely with foundation departments such as with a Development Director to research grant opportunities for organizations. They then prepare the applications and process them. They must keep up with the funding, how it’s received, and how it is to be spent.

Director of Community Service

A Director of Community Service oversees human service programs. They look at the community’s needs and address them by implementing programs. These programs are run under state and federal guidelines. They are responsible for keeping these programs complaint with their rules.

Probation Officer

A Probation Officer is responsible for monitoring those convicted of crimes but not sent to prison. They work with offenders to get them into rehabilitation programs, evaluate and arrange for treatment plans so they are no longer a threat to society. They are responsible for their supervision and monitor their progress. Probation officers can also evaluate if they feel an offender should be allowed back in society before a trial release date. They keep in constant contact with the offender, their families, and friends.

About the Author: This guest post comes from freelance writer Matthew Hinkle. He currently is working on his human services master’s degree.

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