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CDMA Device That Lagged Behind Looks Up To Hit The News Once Again

When note-able telecommunication companies decided to call an auction for CDMA mobile phones last year in the month November, the lesser renowned companies too got an idea to sell off their product in a new way, and in a better manner.

However experts have claimed that CDMA might bring up a revolution once again in the mobile technology field and would give a tough competition to GSM which is most favored among the public in recent days.

Market analysis:

With a keen market analysis one can easily predict that Videocon and Tata were the only companies that had drawn huge profits from the market in the previous few years, contending each other every now and then, while the rest happened to lag behind. Surprisingly last November they called for an auction and both withdrew the same, leaving a bad impression about their conduct of business. Moreover the lack of bidders became an issue. This in turn compelled the government to call off the auction, which really led to a huge loss in the revenue system.

Actually, the band of spectrum that is used by CDMA services is a meager one around 800MegaHertz, as compared to the GSM one which ranges from 900Megahertz and above. This very reason interfered with attracting bidders for the former one.

Last year the amount of CDMA subscribers in our country happened to show a drastic fall. The amount was much higher than that took place in the year 2010. This might get intensified, and the number of CDMA users is likely to decrease in a manner that it would double the amount this year than that occurred last year. About 90 percent of mobile subscribers in our country avails GSM based telecommunication. This data is an enough proof that shows the fate of CDMA based service in our country.

CDMA even draws a meager amount of revenue from the subscribers than compared to GSM based services. The annual report from TRAI/ Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has drawn out such an inference lately.

Leading CDMA operators in the country:

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Mahan agar Telecom Nigam Limited, Tata tale services is the leading operators in our country that provide CDMA based service.

Reliance communications Limited is the country’s largest CDMA based service provider, it has millions of CDMA subscribers but the figure is less as compared to that of GSM subscribers.

Reliance communications made CDMA based service popular in the country; it even gave a better position to the same service in the country over the GSM based one.

Cause for the failure of CDMA service:

The major reasons that led CDMA technology to lag behind is deficit of mobile handsets and equipments were also less available that would have the capacity to upgrade the technology. Moreover the equipments were not readily available and were immensely expensive.

Experts have claimed that the CDMA technology would thrive on 3G networks in the upcoming years. This would obviously in turn help the service to prosper in the near future.

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