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Comparing Guest Blogging and Other Online Marketing Techniques

There are many who do not know the difference between article marketing and a guest blogging. Others find similarities between guest blogging and various modes of online marketing. However, guest blogging is a very different cup of tea. Here we are discussing some such misconceptions about guest blogging so that you can understand what exactly guest blogging is and how it can be used effectively to increase traffic to your website.

Guest Posting is not similar to Article Marketing

Article marketing has been in existence ever since the internet and SEO world were introduced. Earlier link building through posting articles on the sites was very easy as the awareness about such SEO campaigns was not much and the presence of most of the websites was limited to giving information about the product or the company.

However, this led to one major drawback in article marketing. In a bid to generate, more traffic through backlinking people started spinning the articles and began to create nonsensical or repetitive articles. Article spinning is a process that through particular software replaces adjectives and adverbs is by their synonyms so that they pass the plagiarism test as unique articles and qualify for Google or Bing indexing.

However, with the launch of the Google Panda algorithm, the effectiveness of the article directories as an effective SEO tool has diminished largely. Therefore, while writing guest post the writer should not treat it like the 2.0 article marketing. There is one similarity though between the two. Both guest posting and article writing require original content that can provide valuable information to the readers. A good guest post is much more than merely posting the content following the unique content code of the search engines all through the web.

Guest Posting is different from the Advertorials

The blend of editorial and advertisement is advertorial. An advertorial is something related to a journalistic story and openly tells about a particular event; however, it also is posted with the aim to sell something. Moreover, it is a paid post aimed at creating awareness about the product. You can consider advertorial as the indirect way of marketing the product. These advertorials are similar to those magazine sections that come with disclaimers of advertisements at the top but look similar to articles.

Therefore, when you are doing guest posting on http://post-me.org/ you should keep in mind that your guest post should look different from an article and the advertorial.

Adam Prattler is a regular guest blogger, who is well versed in all types of online writing. He is an SEO expert who understands the importance of guest blogging to provide good information and as an internet-marketing tool.

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