General Creative Methods To Help Your Kids Learn Times Tables

Published on March 12th, 2018 | by Ryan


Creative Methods To Help Your Kids Learn Times Tables

Repeated writing is one of the ways to learn math timetables. This method often requires a lot of effort and time. Many students find it cumbersome, uninteresting and difficult. One strategy does not fit all. Different students need different ways to learn. To make learning enjoyable, there are a few creative ways that children would definitely like. Some of these ways are games, puzzles, charts, posters, audio and video methods, rhymes, etc.

Use of CDs

Some kids are visual learners. They need to see the thing to be able to memorize it. YouTube match videos with multiplication table and animated gif. There are several memory work CDs available for teaching times tables. Using these proven and true resources would help your kid to learn these tables a lot more easily. This method interest kid and make them more engaged. Kids become more curious and eager to learn timetables easily.

YouTube learning courses with multiplication table app will surely make your child want to learn math. You need to download these timetables and give them exposure to it. When kids will experience these times tables tactically, then they get a good understanding and proficiency on it.

Coloring charts

Another visual learning and creative method of learning is coloring charts. Kids are generally fond of colors and these charts will prove to be very interesting to them. Simple multiplication timetable coloring charts is a technique that would work wonders for you.

All you need is to print the number charts. Now tell your child to select a number and color the multiples of it. You can tell him to use his favorite color and pattern in which he wants to color the chart. Online math teaching tutorials will provide loads of free of cost printable coloring number worksheets.


There is no kid who would not be fond of playing games. Can a game be used as a teaching aid? Yes. Games are one of the most proven and increasingly used methods to learn math tables. There are several games that will help in learning multiplication facts in a way that that appeals to kids. Multiplication card games are one of them. These games come with easy to understand instruction manual. Going through this manual will help your kid to work on it easily.

These learning games are made to assist children in practicing multiplication facts on a repeated basis in a fun-filled way. Your kids will definitely enjoy the game a lot. Following are the skills that will help a child to learn each and every time he plays this game:

  • Concept of Multiplication
  • Multiplication Time Tables
  • Prime Factor Decomposition
  • What are Divisibility Rules and how to use them
  • Identification of Factors and Multiples


When the base is strong, one can become successful in mastering advanced concepts. Learning becomes effortless, exciting and innovative by adopting these creative times table learning ways. Not just it saves time and effort of a child, but also infuses confidence in children.

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