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Published on May 7th, 2013 | by Jane Davies


Dead Island Riptide Zombie Hunting Game

Zombie-slashing action pack is back on its track once again with Dead Island: Riptide. After the ending of Dead Island, we were quite sure that this is not the end. More zombies are coming soon. Now, there they are. Apart from being a nice zombie game, it provides good graphics and zombie-like environment to the gamer. But, it failed to grasp the attention in most cases. Although, this game looks promising enough, but, it didn’t pass our expectation that we had after we finished the first game of this series. Now, we’re going into depth to find out more details on this game.


This game starts with the same place where it left off in the first part. It shows a sinking ship in the starting with a military group who are facing a large zombie apocalypse.  You’re left off in the island of Banoi accompanied by the survivors and they’re being handed to another gang who has other plans for them. Unfortunately, the climate carries the zombie-infection to the on-board members and turns every one of them into blood-thirsty zombies. You have fight your way back in the large ship by slashing the zombies. This is it. Now, you’ll see every mission with same slashing-out which will last about 5minutes. It’s kind of boring when every time the same thing happens over and over again. This is why this game looked very promising in the beginning but not so much when you escape the ship and enter the little zombiefied island.


You can select one of the survivors to play your game with. Each one of them has different skills so choose them wisely. This game will represent to you like a horror-survival scenario with RPG genre. You’ll see another three players roaming around and slashing down zombies by assisting you. Although, the single player looks kind of OK but we’re far more impressed with the online multiplayer version.

You’ll be driven out in the open-world action pack which carries more and new weapons to slash the zombies, motorboats and other vehicles to run and lots of flesh eating monsters with new powers. One of the powers includes freezing you in your way.

Graphics and Sound

You won’t be so amazed seeing the graphics. Even the most horrifying moments won’t grasp your attention since this game hasn’t been well organized and sometimes it freezes or closes down automatically. In fact, this game is full of glitches, although the effects of blood and water looked nice.

The sound effects were flawed and we were disappointed.

Overall, this game looked so promising in the beginning but failed to hold the expectation. It delivered almost the same game as earlier but with a modified name this time with poor A.I functionality of the zombies. Although, the blood effects were cool, but, those sloppy graphics, poor dialogues, irritating gameplay made us disappointed even to review this game. We don’t know how much time you’d give to this soulless piece of crappy Artificial intelligence.

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