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Discover a Career in Environmental Health

Public health is a field of study that is rapidly becoming more and more popular due to the scope of growth, the personal satisfaction it provides and the diversity that it offers.  A master in public health can come from any background with a variety of interests like research, teaching, data entry and even accounting. The primary requirement to pursue a career in public health is that one should have the desire to do some good and to contribute to society proactively. Even with the philanthropic outlook, public health as an avenue for growth has a lot of options and scope.

A career in public health can include a variety of opportunities for you, like Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Health Policy, Environmental health, Health services management and also the behavioural and social aspect of Public Health. A degree of a master of public health is the right stepping stone for any individual looking for the stepping stone into a career in environmental health and safety.

Some of the positions that can be identified in public health are the health inspectors, policy analysts, scientists, researchers into infectious diseases, water safety inspectors. As an Environmental health practitioner you will be responsible for the drafting and implementation of health and safety standards in all aspects of the society. Inspections, issuing licences, monitoring pollution levels, investigating complaints or threats, measuring safety levels in water and food, etc. are the tasks that are routinely performed by public health safety personnel.

Government agencies in the United States offer up to 20,000 jobs in the environmental health and safety. Most of these jobs involve positions as scientists, researchers, engineers, doctors, biologists, etc. Among the most popular areas to work in public health is the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and the Public Health Service in a variety of disciplines.

To pursue a career in environmental health, the right educational background is necessary to handle the operational, administrative, research and other technically oriented jobs. Mathematics, science, psychology, environmental studies, etc. are the courses that you would need to undertake in high school. A bachelor’s degree in science with a focus on the particular branch of public health is an added benefit. As a graduate, a master of public health is the direction to tread in. There are various programs that can provide a competitive edge and also equip you with the right tools to lead and contribute effectively in the area of improving public health and safety.

Be it a career as a researcher, an analyst, an educator or a policy formulator, a master of public health is a degree that will provide you with the right platform and certification to begin that career.

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