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Published on July 27th, 2013 | by EditorOne


Does Rory McIlroy Have What it Takes to Become a Golf Legend?

Rory McIlroy could be the Tiger Woods of his generation. His name could go hand-in-hand with legendary status one day. Some question if he has what it takes. Rory McIlroy skyrocketed to fame at the age of 22 when he became the youngest winner in almost 100 years to win the 2011 US Open. He even broke the tournament record with a score of 62. The year before he broke this ground, McIlroy scored a 62 at Quail Hollow and a 63 at the British Open. The young golfer hit disaster at the 2011 Masters when he shot an 80. To most, it might end their career. To Rory, it was a minor setback. Golfers like Greg Norman and Phil Mickelson didn’t reach the Hall of Fame overnight so McIlroy does have hope. He is also very young and has many years left to gain more fame on the course and advance his professional golf career.

McIlroy needs to step up his game when dealing with weather conditions. He blamed his score at the 2011 British Open on the weather. One thing no one can control is the weather when it comes to the game of golf. The trajectory of the ball is much more affected in wind than a low shot.

Avoiding any distraction is essential to McIlroy’s future status. Any young sports celebrity in the limelight has to learn to deal with the media. McIlroy has had trouble with this as after break ups he has seemed distant and distracted. He will learn over time to keep his private life close to his heart. He needs to take advice from his good golfer friend, Tiger Woods about dealing with the media. Woods can not only teach him more skills on the course, but skills off the course. McIlroy even stepped out of the golfing spotlight and into the television and media world. Taking time away from everyday golfing was an obvious distraction. He struggled upon stepping back on to the course.

McIlroy needs to work on his short game to truly become a legend. Scrambling is not his positive point. On the PGA Tour his percentage was just a little over 50. His sand save percentage was only a little over 40. McIlroy simply needs to work on his techniques to become a legend. Tiger Woods led the PGA Tour in scrambling in 2009 then let the number drop. The short game is that important to your status as a golfer.

A great golfer is also consistent. McIlroy has fallen short a few times, but overall he has stayed consistent with his skills on the course. He rarely hits a score out of the 60s. His buddy Woods had a tough few years falling short of any great scores, but he managed to find his way back to the top. As long as McIlroy works hard on this game, he will stay on top.

McIlroy already has the respect of his fellow golfers. The world loves his smile. The media loves his zest. He has the traits you need to become a legend in the world of golf. Look for McIlroy to continue to make his mark around the world with a club and ball.

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