Careers Do's and Don'ts After Class 12th

Published on March 14th, 2018 | by Ryan


Do’s and Don’ts After Class 12th

Are you sweating it out for your 12th boards right now? Or, are you daydreaming about the fun afterward? As you are undergoing one of the most hyped-up life experiences, let’s consider the do’s and don’t after class 12th:


  • Continue with Your Current Stream into Higher Education: If you are passionate about your stream, then find the best institute to pursue higher education in the same. For example, if you have picked up PCM, then you can go for pure sciences degrees in physics or you can go for Information Technology, architecture, etc.
  • Change Your Stream after Class 12th: It may be so that your subject and career calling may be quite different. Time after class 12th is perfect to make the change. Just research well consult experienced individuals to create your roadmap to achieve success.
  • Sit for a Competitive Exam: If you are serious about alternate career choices after class 12th, you have to start preparing early, fill up the forms on time and check the exam dates regularly. Do the same if following up with your class 12th discipline for streams like engineering, medicine, law, etc.
  • Get a Part-Time Job: Still very underrated in India, this helps you improve your overall personality and earn decent money. For example, working in the coffee shop or giving out tuitions helps you enhance your self-confidence and improves your interaction skills. You can also save up to improve your chances to study at your dream institute.
  • Choose a Vocational Course: If you’re eager to land into a professional world early, go for a vocational course. It completes faster than degree courses with hands-on training and real world experience. It takes away the worry of applying to hundreds of colleges and provides focused learning.
  • Take Career Counselling: If you’re confused about your career ahead, consult a career counselling institute or expert today. Many institutes also help students make better career choices by mapping their true potential using a psychometric test.


  • Take a Full-Time Job: Whatever promises be made to you, taking big responsibilities too soon against the benefit of money can be harmful to you. This also takes away your time and peace that could have been used to plan better for the future. It also retards your chances of pursuing higher studies.
  • Take a Break Year: Once trending, they are now turning to be a waste of time and energy. Many students use to take it for competitive exam preparation. There are several instances of it enhancing lethargy, antisocial behaviour and probably another average performance. It’s better to learn a new skill or follow a next best stream.
  • Immediately Joining the Family Trade: Even if your family business is doing well, it may not be the right choice for you. Reflect upon your decision carefully before making this choice. Though it seems like a protected scenario with the family love and understanding, it may not help you develop professional competency.
  • Don’t Start a Start-Up: Heavily trending now, everyone seems to be ready with a business idea for a startup. School education does not necessarily prepare you to deal with the realities of running a business on your own. Though learning never stops, you should realize this dream of yours after getting a proper education.

Hope these do’s and don’ts help you make wise decisions to reach your career goals after class 12th.

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