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Enrollment for GED Test and Analysis Of Score Report

General Educational Development or GED is designed to help people in continuing their education, especially if they had to drop out in the past for whatever reasons. It is recognized as equivalent education level of high school diploma.

How to Enroll for GED Classes?

For enrolling yourself, they will need to firstly visit one of the nearest campus location or their official website. Documents you need while registering for this test:

  • Driver’s License or State ID card, Medical card, and Utility bill as address proof
  • Age proof (at least 18 and above)

Math and reading test are a part of the registration process. Whole process of registration could take 2 or 3 hours.

Enrollment for GED Test and Analysis Of Score Report

Preparation for GED:

GED test is 4 part test that takes more than seven and a half hour to complete. You will need to read the General Education Diploma program guides to know more about the entire testing process. Some institutions also help you in preparing for the test by providing a personal study plan. You can find study material and information about localized adult education centers online.

Passing score on each part of test is 150 for the GED test. You will need to score at least 150 on each part, and a minimum total score of 600 including on all four parts battery. Only then, you will be awarded with the GED test credentials. If you receive a score of 170, then you can earn an “honors” score.

Enrollment for GED Test and Analysis Of Score Report

Scores are Counted as below:

• Below Passing: 100 – 149

• Passing Score: 150 – 169

• Honors Passing Score: 170 – 200

GED testing services provide the enhanced score report, and also provide personalized feedback. You will be able to analyze your performance by seeing your score report. It will help you in finding the areas of skills you need to develop, and how can you score higher on re-test.

Enrollment for GED Test and Analysis Of Score Report

You can also choose the study materials of your choice, but you must dedicate your time to get good marks on the test. There are no shortcuts.

  • You will receive a full report in 3 hours after answering the tests.
  • Specific feedback will be given to you based on your performance.
  • Analyze your scores and understand they mean to you
  • Identify the specific skills that you need to improve on
  • Personal study recommendations will help you in honing specific skills
  • Customize your study recommendation according to your schedules
  • Choose multiple study material if you like, but don’t let information overload overwhelm you too much

Enrollment for GED Test and Analysis Of Score Report

If you don’t Pass All the Tests the First Time:

ebiz4ever1: There is no time restriction between re-takes, and you can take two subsequent module retests and a test module. If you fail to clear the subsequent re-test, then the test taker will give you 60 days time for each successive attempt.

However the number of times that you are allowed to give the re-tests will depend on your specific state policy and it generally it is less than three years.

Price of initial test varies according to the state where you take the test. Price of re-test also varies according from state to state. However, the exam fee for each subject is same.

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