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Essentials for a Mobile Office

It is no longer a standard practice to remain at the office at all hours when there are so many opportunities that are waiting to be seized outside. However, professionals cannot afford all the downtime provided by constantly heading out and work must continue even when they are away from their desks. One way to make sure that you get work done even when you are away from your workplace is to equip yourself with a few tools that are sure to keep you going no matter where you are. Here are the fundamentals.

  • A laptop is clearly a need and the good news is that it does not have to cost a lot to do its job. All you have to find is a laptop that will serve its purpose, depending on what you will be using it most for and find one that fits your budget. Toshiba and Asus have some models that sell for less than $200 and if have the money to spend, you can go for the higher end models that sell for at least $1,000. It all depends on the specifications you need or want. Do not forget to take the necessary precautions with your laptop in terms of security so you do not compromise your work documents should something happen to your laptop.
  • VoIP services are useful when you find yourself on the phone frequently. You can have it installed on your laptop or use the mobile app, such as the one from RingCentral. This will allow you to stay in touch with practically all of your business contacts, regardless of your location.
  • While Wi-Fi hotspots are getting to be rather common, you must not rely on them when you want to connect to the internet. Your best bet is a wireless router that connects you to the web via radio waves. If you are going to be using a tablet in lieu of a laptop, get a model that supports 4G or 5G.
  • Cloud storage services eliminate your need to carry a flash drive around and make retrieval of files much easier. Since it is stored online, you can get to them from most anywhere. Google Drive offers its first 5GB of storage for free and if you want to increase your storage capacity, you may go for their paid subscriptions that give you 25GB to 16TB.
  • Have duplicates of your power cords and keep them in your car or in your laptop bag. This will prevent you from going through the trouble of being helpless should one get lost or left behind. Make sure it is compatible with your vehicle’s adapter so you can charge devices on the road. The trouble it can save you will be worth the effort of getting two of all your power cords.
  • It may be considered unnecessary but a mobile printer will do wonders for the mobile professional. Some models even come with scanners already and while you do not really have to take it along with you every time you are away from your desk, it will prove to be very useful if you are on a task that involves lots of paperwork. You never know when you might need a printed document right then and there. You may choose to take a photo with your mobile phone but remember that the quality of the document will be compromised.

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