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Ever Changing World of Education

There is no doubt that the education of yesteryear has quickly faded into the background of most of our minds. While some may view the changes in our education system the reality is with the technology that we have today it will continue to grow and evolve whether we like it or not.

How different is the education of today? The reality is that school systems in America are still teaching the same subjects but they have stepped it up a notch for our youth. It has become much easier to research topics and it seems that our students are more advanced today than they were 20 years ago.

A serious demand has been put on education and those that provide it to students of today. With an ever changing economy and constant shifts in society it is important to many educators to teach children how to adjust to our ever changing world.

Here are a few ways that education continues to evolve:

  • Education continues to make changes with the changing economy. In years past education was more focused on industrial based education. However, that focus has shifted into the need for innovation and problem-solving education that will help children adjust to a constantly changing landscape.
  • Technology has played a major role in education today. It has completely changed the way information can be accessed and how fast children can learn new things. While many people may disagree with so much technology in the classroom, the reality seems to be that with the fast paced world we live in it’s important to educate children. Technology has also played a major role in how much help children are getting if they are struggling. They are exposed to not only help in the classroom but in some areas have constant contact with teachers or tutors through things such as iPads.
  • The world is constantly changing. From different scientific advancements to major shifts in society it is important to educate our children and make them ready for the constantly changing world around them. Education has made great strides to ensure that children are getting the eye opening experience that they need to meet a demanding world and economy.

Even with the changing trends in education there are still problems that arise with the system. The biggest issue that many areas seem to be facing is that they can’t find the money to keep up with the advances in the classroom. With so many spending cuts in the world of education more rural areas are struggling to keep their doors open.

Education will continue to be something that is constantly growing and changing. Every day there are new and improved ways to help educate the youth of America. Keeping up with the fast pace of children’s education may seem daunting to parents who didn’t experience some of the subject matter until they were at a much later age. However it is almost a necessity at this point to teach children subject matter at a faster pace so that they are ready to meet the world when they graduate.

About the Author: The author of this article is Arian A, he has written this article for the Coronado Pathways Charter School, which is a San Diego Charter School.

About the Author

Arian A. is an editor of University Bangui. Follow him on Google+.

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