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Published on June 27th, 2018 | by Ryan


Exhaustive Guide to Career Opportunities in International Relations

Are you a student of humanities stream student and tired of people undermining this field of study and its career prospects? If it is so, then its time to break the stereotype and explore bright career opportunities this domain can offer you, in this globalized world. International Relations is really one of the most interesting fields of study, particularly in this era of increasing number of events of international importance.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss all about International Relations and its career prospects to help you gain insight about career in international relations.

What are International Relations?

International Relations is an eminent educational discipline, which lays focus on the study of a country’s policy with respect to this extremely competitive world. In addition, it also focuses on how to retain power in your hands in this globalized world and maintaining international peace at the same time. This field assists you in obtaining a systematic approach and the capability to examine political situations in the international context. In this ever evolving international economy where innumerable minds are invested in developing nuclear weapons, where violence is spreading as an epidemic killing millions, there is an increased need for our students to study and understand the importance of International Relations.

How to Pursue a Degree in International Relations

Students looking to pursue International Relations masters in India, are recommended to choose for humanities stream with political science and history in their secondary school education. Though, it is not an obligation, as students who did not choose humanities can also pursue International Relations. Usually, students pursue bachelor’s degree in political science and then choose international studies to study in their master’s. However, if you are interested in studying International Relations in your graduation, there are some renowned universities like O.P. Jindal Global University, which offer bachelor’s degree in the same.

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in International Relations

International Relations is an ideal academic program for students, who are passionate about studying how different nations are connected, politically and economically. The range of subjects that you will study during bachelor’s and master’s degree range from International Economics, World History, Sociology to International Comparative Politics. All these subjects, which you study during MA in international relations and area studies help you explore the political structures that affect nation and international organizations, and help you understand what role a country plays in maintaining international peace.

Career Opportunities in International Relations

International Relations help develop a set of practical and analytical skills, which are relevant across a vast range of professions and career paths. By pursuing masters in International Relations, you can get excellent career opportunities with:

  • Non-government organizations (NGOs)
  • Banking and accounting services
  • Multilateral and intergovernmental organizations
  • Local and national governments as a public relations consultant
  • Media and publishing organizations as client and marketing relations officer

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