Careers Finding It Hard To Recruit The Right Employee

Published on December 4th, 2017 | by Ryan


Finding It Hard To Recruit The Right Employee

Creating an aptitude test to screen out the best candidate in their respective field has been an age-old tradition in most working sectors. An aptitude test provides the recruiters and the company to understand your particular skill set and how much you excel in those. Since we have a wide variety of job offers, it attracts every potential candidate to try out for the interview. Providing a pre-screening test enables recruiters to find out the best suitable candidates and encompass them for the next round of screening phase.

Finding It Hard To Recruit The Right Employee

Next, it is important to understand the types of tests included while recruiting an employee. Personality test, ability tests, skills test and knowledge tests are the ones that is important tests to know while recruiting.

  1. Skill tests These are quite easy tests when compared to the rest of the tests since these tests check essential functions needed for the job such as typing speed, data entry etc.
  2. Personality tests The most commonly used test for employment recruiting is based on 5 basic factors of personality-extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness to experience. These are the evidences used to test personality which can predict future performance.
  3. Knowledge tests This test enables the recruiter to understand how much of knowledge the candidate has in that particular field of work.  This test should be based on a relevant topic that is linked with the job role and should make sure that the candidate as enough knowledge about it for him/ her to be recruited.
  4. Ability tests Ability tests are used to measure and understand different abilities of the person such as mental and cognitive abilities. These tests are conducted by providing candidates with a particular scenario and asking them to explain how they would tackle the particular situation. These tests are used across various job roles and types even including the aptitude test for pilots.

Understanding the accuracy and importance of aptitude tests

These tests determine various factors of the candidate enabling recruiters to compare between multiple candidates and find out the different qualities each candidate possess. Thus, these aptitude tests provided a clear picture for the recruiter to understand if the candidate is apt for the job role.

Accurate prediction for the potential success can be determined through thee aptitude tests. The candidate finds an opportunity to understand the type of skills the job role requires. Interviews alone cannot determine a person’s qualities and weaknesses and hence it is important to conduct an aptitude test to further analyse the candidate. And thus these are the factors posing as the advantages of attitude tests.

Finding the right employee for your company can form the framework on which future performance of your employee affects your company. Once the candidates find a job matching their requirement, the company soon forms an employee-relationship management. Providing a job description is rather important since this helps the candidate understand the job role, possibilities and responsibilities that s/he has to adapt and undertake. Thus the future developmental goals of the company relies on how and whom you choose for your company!

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