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History Of E-Learning

E learning has rightfully caught the attention of this particular age which is fundamentally earmarked as an age of rapid technological flourish. This particular training method is a radiant example of how fast the technical features are moving on. In order to understand the crucial phases of development as well as the recent upgrades in this domain it is highly imperative on your part to be aware of the history of this phenomenon.

Let us take a close look at the history or anecdotes related to the phenomenon called e learning.

This amazing journey in fact started off in the year 1960 with the meaningful efforts made by Patrick Suppes as well as Richard C. These enigmatic personalities belonged to Stanford University. As a matter of fact these two energetic entities had started a revolution as they offered their endeavours to teach math as well as other subject to young students and children. In the initial phase they had started off their experimentation in the elementary schools which were situated in East Palo Alto of California. It goes without saying that their efforts were aptly crowned with success. The students, on whom the experiment was tried. Found the program to be very helpful. Having been inspired from the success of the experimental program Stanford offered its epoch making “Education Program for Gifted Youth” in the year 1963.

While taking about the history of e learning facilities the name of William D. Graziadei has to be mentioned without fail. This enigmatic personality and a hard worker of great repute had created a sensation by aptly offering descriptions as well as explanation on a lecture which was delivered by computer. To be very precise he had shown the guts to describe the issue with the help of electronic mail or e mail. Apart from giving descriptions he had also offered assessments as well as tutorials on that particular project.

Close to the heels of this particular event another incident took place in the very net year which gave a new lease of importance to online educational facilities in the year 1994 the very first online high school was established. With the inception of the online school it was crystal clear that it was in fact the dawn of a new era.

In many parts of the world this particular methodology of e learning is also ascribed as CSCL or in precise terms computer supported collaborative learning procedure. The very name suggests that collaboration is in fact a very strong point in this kind of a learning facility. Presently virtual classrooms are just the utmost necessity of this era. With the help of collaborative software as well as high end teaching methods this kind of training facility is setting new instances of excellence

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