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How Can An Online Digital Media Degree Benefit Your Career

If you’re the kind of person that feels passionate about creating digital images and content, considering a degree in digital media is probably a great decision.  When it comes to digital media, the future is now.  There has never been a better time for those with digital media degrees to enter the workforce and find plenty of jobs and opportunities open to them.  Of course, you can enter the field without a degree, but you will likely not be successful unless you know all of the right people and are extremely talented—suffice it to say that without a digital media degree, the chances for your wild success are long shot.

What Can I Do with a Digital Media Degree?

Digital media degrees open a wide variety of career doors for you.  While some might be more obvious than others, here’s a partial list of just some of the fields you can easily find work in when you have a digital media degree:

• Animator

• Technical Support Specialist

• Teacher

• Systems Analyst

• Special Effects Director

• Software Designer

• Set Designer

• Product Designer

• Photographer

• Music Industry Consultant

• Multimedia Consultant

• Medical Illustrator

• Landscape Designer

• IT Specialist

• Interior Designer

• Installation Artist

• Illustrator

• Graphic Designer

• Film Effects Developer

• Exhibit Designer

• Digital Media Specialist

• Creative Consultant

• Computer Programmer

• Computer Games Developer

• Artist

• Cartoonist

• Visual Arts Consultant

• Technology Journalist

It should be noted that some of these fields will require other forms of coursework and education, but the point is that a digital media degree opens up many more options to you rather than simply being a web designer.  Of course, the reason so many people think “web designer” when they think of digital media is because that field is a vast and lucrative industry.

Digital Media Degrees are About Knowledge

Much more so than simply having the piece of paper proving that you are up to industry standards (which is important no doubt), getting your degree in digital media is about developing a solid foundation in digital design and production skills.  You’ll learn the basic essentials that every digital media professional is expected to know, as well as get hands-on training in the latest imaging software.

You’ll also concentrate on learning the techniques that profitable digital media specialists must know such as 2D design, visual design, multimedia publications and web publishing.  You’ll also be immersed in the worlds of video production and editing, 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics, all with an eye on building up your portfolio so that you can quickly obtain a job in the real world after you graduate.

Plus, you’ll obtain a wealth of general education knowledge through core curriculum classes that will help you in your critical thinking, writing and problem solving.  This directly translates into digital media skills, but also spills over into every day applications that will help you live a more productive and fruitful life.  Classes focusing on business, psychology, compu-tech, writing and art history will create the foundation for a life filled with intelligence and happiness.  This will all be capped off with a portfolio review and capstone project which will serve as the final test to determine whether or not you are ready to become the digital media success story you were born to be.

Developing Intangible Digital Media Skills

Of course, one of the biggest boosts to your career that you will receive by obtaining an online degree in digital media is the intangible skills that you will develop.  This includes things like:

  • Being able to comprehend current digital media techniques and work with modern design software
  • Understanding the theory behind experimental ideas and artistic creation that aesthetically drive digital design
  • Being an effective communicator so that your ideas can vision can be successfully passed between peers and clients
  • Gaining the organizational and data gathering skills that will make your use of time more effective, thus increasing the amount of work you can take on and the amount of money you make while decreasing the amount of job related stress you endure

As you can see, there are things you gain with an online digital media degree that you just cannot gain working on your own.  All of these benefits add up to make you a highly sought after job candidate, allowing you to land the job of your dreams before the next guy does.

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