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How Creative Industries are Maximising the Power of GPU Computing

High Performance Computing (HPC) is revolutionising the way creative industries conduct business. By harnessing the power of GPU computing, companies in technology, media and entertainment are leading the way by tapping into technology resources in the cloud. With enhanced computational processing power they seamlessly integrate stunning graphics within web branding, all across super-fast broadband networks. This creates a level of multimedia stimulation the likes of which have never been seen before.

Running a powerful GPU cloud environment delivers high computational performance, across demanding applications, that today’s creative departments must utilise in order to captivate diverse online audiences. The advancement of graphics processing units across ever more reliable broadband networks elevate creative industries to deliver phenomenal visual experience, richer performance, exceptionally fluid quality of streaming and unique multimedia delivery styles. In a professional capacity, creative directors are harnessing the power of GPU computing in ways that change the entire technology landscape.


For pure computational power, GPU cloud infrastructures offer best-in-class processing speed and agility. Where traditional CPU computing delivers serial processing of one calculation at a time, GPU computing uses parallel processing to seamlessly multi-task complex actions that deliver amazing graphics and real-time experiences. This flexes the collective muscle of graphic designers, game developers, film-makers and media outlets. From the cinema to live events to online gaming, CPUs don’t have the capacity to deliver such a rich mix of graphical imagery, nor can they handle masses of newsworthy data engulfing a network every minute of the day. Now with the advancement of broadband networks, running GPU computing solutions in the cloud has changed the meaning of the word “creative” for every industry.


Major media outlets and technology manufacturers are joining forces to bring advanced graphics into next-generation computer entertainment systems. Through dedicated hosting they are able to deliver custom graphics processing, embedded within the deepest and richest software applications to date. Companies such as Microsoft, Google and Apple are partnering with major electronics manufacturers such as Sony, Dell and Samsung to deliver consumer products that integrate every type of online service for gaming to shopping to news and media.

New Age Media

Thanks to GPU cloud platforms, creative professionals are developing new age media productions for every conceivable type of device and viewing format – TV, PC, games console or mobile. Society is engulfed by a plethora of media and entertainment choices every day, all-encompassing systems and technologies that run real-time information alongside stunning graphical imagery and powerhouse streaming that is both interactive and instant. Entertainment platforms build new age media features every day, constantly trying to captivate consumer and professional audiences with ground breaking perspectives. This is only possible with powerful GPU cloud computing.


GPU computing opens the doors of connectivity to a vast professional network of creative industries. In graphic design, video production, game development and many other industries, graphical computing has becoming the only way to connect with a mass global audience, capture their interest and spark their intellect at the same time. Users demand real-time relevancy and the slickest of end-user experiences. Anything less fails to captivate a technology obsessed society. Professional creative’s therefore continue to push the envelope, developing ever more refined and connected graphics inspired services for home, mobile and office based users.

The capabilities of GPU computing open many doors to every type of technology oriented customer base today. It has redefined computational processing to set the standard for new age media and entertainment companies who must continuously innovate or become outdated.

It is here, and now, that GPU cloud computing platforms elevate every type of creative industry. All of whom must continue to progress by keeping technically accomplished audiences happy and ever more capable GPU inspired competitors at bay.

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