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How Not To Choose University Accommodation – The Biggest Blunders To Avoid

There are thousands of minor mistakes students make when choosing their university accommodation, most of which are nothing but minor niggles. However, there are also quite a few that can blight the entire experience and lead to a nine-month stint you’d probably like to forget as quickly as possible – not the best way to spend some of the most enjoyable years of your life.

So in order to help you steer clear of some of the main offender, here’s a quick look at three of the biggest blunders you’ll want to avoid at all costs:

Rushing a Decision

First and foremost, it takes a split second to make a rash decision but a full nine-months to get over it when it comes to choosing where to live. It will have such an impact on your time at university that there’s really no sense in rushing your decision and ending up somewhere you didn’t want to be, simply because you didn’t think it through for long enough. There are more than enough spaces for everyone, so try to resist the temptation to dive in without forethought or you might just end up regretting it…big time! Finding student accommodation in Newcastle or any other city is not a decision to be rushed.

Going With the Flow

Has anyone ever said to you “If everyone suddenly jumped off a bridge, would you do the same?” It’s a saying that refers to going with the flow when it’s not in your best interests to do so – something to think about when picking your Uni digs. Just because demand for one particular place seems to be off the scale does not mean it is the place for you. Likewise, that 99% empty place that’s cheap as chips might seem like a dud, but maybe you’ve actually come across a secret gem the rest don’t know about. Pick for you and you alone, without making any assumptions.

Ignoring Transport Connections

If you don’t have your own car and you’re staying off-campus, you have to accept the fact that much of your university life is going to be spent on public transport…sorry to be the bearer of bad news! And as your lectures aren’t going to slow down for rain or sub-zero temperatures, do you really want to be hiking two miles to the nearest uncovered bus stop every day for a bus that hardly ever turns up? Of course you don’t, so be sure to take into account all available connections.

Blowing Your Budget

It’s a harsh reality to face, but unless you’re one of the lucky few, then your university years will have to be some of the most frugal of your entire life. Of course, you’ll be lavished with lovely loans, grants and discounts to help you keep the wolf from the door, but even if you plan on getting a part-time job, you won’t be rolling in it. As such, you need to be careful when it comes to budgeting for your accommodation. Sure, you can afford that lovely place you’ve spotted, but if it leaves you with less than a fiver each week to entertain yourself with, is it really a good idea? The correct answer is of course no – it isn’t!

How Not To Choose University Accommodation – The Biggest Blunders To Avoid

Not Reading Contracts

They’re long, boring and often a little too complicated – contracts are no fun. Nevertheless, once your signature is on it you’ve agreed to whatever it states, regardless of how unfair it might seem. You didn’t see that three-figure final cleaning fee you agreed to when you moved in? How about that weekly maintenance charge? Tough – you signed to it, so you’ve got to pay it! In the interests of maintaining both your bank balance and your sanity, read your contract cover to cover at least three times!

Being Pushed Into It

If the agent, landlord or business owner letting out the place seems to be in a massive hurry to get it signed-off and insists on pressuring you into taking it, take some time to think or walk away. There’s such demand out there that the great places always end up filled and sell themselves – those pushed a little too vigorously are to be somewhat wary of.

Putting Up with Nonsense

Last but not least, should you move into a place and find yourself tearing your hair out by day three thanks to your ignorant and downright horrid neighbours, the worst thing you can do is pretend it isn’t happening. It’s much easier to nip problems in the bud and try getting them sorted early on; as opposed to letting them blossom into something much worse and summarily causing a headache for all involved. If you’re not happy for whatever the reason, speak up!

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