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Published on May 25th, 2018 | by Ryan


How Relevant Are Psychometric Tests?

There are certified courses in the market to provide knowledgeable individuals an opportunity to earn more than their regular average figures. Once they are up to date after taking up a slew of courses they are in demand with industry experts vouching for them.

Upon advancement, there would also be new ways to survive in the industry that would require more than average knowledge. Especially, if the field is highly competitive requiring you to excel in almost every task assigned to you.

This is how a psychometric Test became a widely acceptable form of test to assess talents in the industry. These tests are phenomenal when it comes to identifying the potential if the candidate is ready for the industry or not.

Psychometric tests are structured to accurately evaluate your capacity to work with others. It is a part of the recruitment process.  The employers may use this to hire new candidates or test existing candidates on skills for advancement.

How are Psychometric Tests Useful?

In fact, a Psychometric Test is very different from the conventional methods of hiring. The end result will be able to say if you would be able to cope with the stresses of the job. This is because the recruiters use the results from these tests to easily determine whether you would be a suitable match for the company or not with just the click of the button. This is designed to process information along with the scores obtained and evaluate the candidature.

Psychometric tests are now taken online providing a hassle-free experience and with online tests on rising employers are relying on paper tests occasionally.  They are slowly adapting to the new concept as they find the selection process easier compared to the former.

What is the Psychometric Concept based on?

Though Psychometric tests have become popular online it’s by no means a new concept. According to a study, these tests date back to early 20th century. This was originally used only for the purposes of educational psychology in 1905 when Alfred Binet introduced the first ‘intelligence test’.

The test has evolved over a period of time and has entered the skill-oriented corporate world. More and more organizations, be it small or larger companies, prefer these types of test as they can assess each candidate based on their knowledge of the subject.

Why And When Are Psychometric Tests Used?

These tests come in handy irrespective of any educational background. Though graduate recruiters, in particular, like to use psychometric tests for hiring. This is mainly because: for the following reasons:

  • They make the process of hiring efficient.
  • It cuts the substantial HR costs as they are objective and impersonal,
  • They are flexible enough to allow candidates to be compared in ability terms without any other bias.
  • They also act as reliable indicators of the future job performance of the prospective employee.

All of these are relevant in the present scenario as the candidates themselves apply for tests on various online platforms and are open to the concept. Therefore these tests are widely accepted and recognized.

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