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How Technology Affects Us Negatively

Technology has brought many advantages, but it can be destructive if we allow it to rule our lives. The key is not so much about shunning technology but to use it in moderation. Knowing the bad effects of technology can help us avoid its unnecessary mental, physical, social, and environmental effects.


Lack of meaningful social interaction, overeating, and lack of exercise can contribute to depression. More and more people are using antidepressants. But not all of the blame falls on the shoulders of the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them. By living a healthier lifestyle, overcoming depression is possible.


Constant access to information can create more stress than usual. Think of all the times you felt restless when you saw your friend’s vacation photos or a female contact’s sexy bikini-clad body. It also makes us impatient, such as all the times when you expected an email from someone but it didn’t come.


Gone are the days when you can easily focus on writing an article. With the Internet, you can easily click on the link of your favorite magazine website and get lost in reading your favorite topics while your research falls by the wayside.

Also gone are the times when you used to pay complete attention to the people around you. Instead of noticing the handsome guy sitting on the table across you, you’re texting a gal pal and complaining how bored you are. Oh, and did I mention how texting while walking or driving can cause accidents?

Energy Consumption

Individual gadgets use up less energy. But overall use of electricity is increasing. Most companies keep their business phone systems on all the time even when no one is in the office. Residents don’t turn off their smartphones or computers before sleeping. Neither do they unplug fully charged devices. The manufacture of high-tech electrical toys also contributes to the rise of greenhouse gas emissions.

Hearing and Eyesight Loss

Staring in front of computer screens, game consoles, and mobile phones for hours can cause eye strain or worse, eye defects that require users to wear glasses or contact lenses. Meanwhile, using ear buds and headphones all the time can cause hearing loss and deafness.


Studies have proven that technologically-addicted mobile phone users become restless and fidgety whenever their cell phones are taken away from them. They reach for phones that are not with them, and they imagine phantom vibrations. These withdrawal symptoms are similar to the ones that recovering drug addicts experience.

Less Privacy

The days when you have a long list of phone contacts tucked in a secret drawer are gone. With a few keystroke or finger swipes, the average person can find anyone’s contact information and address. Those with malicious intentions use viruses, hacking, and phishing to obtain information. Many people lack a sense of privacy as well. They post all of their vacation photos and inform their contacts of their whereabouts on social media sites. They reveal their addresses on Google Maps. And they write about their life stories on blogs.

Being more cautious when using technology helps a lot. If you chat online more than you interact with offline people, it’s probably time to take a break from technology and start making small talk with the people around you. Devote a day entirely free of technology. Create a balance so that you don’t become an automatic Internet drone.

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