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How To Improve The Security On Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Smartphone owners have to pay special attention to the security of their phones and for Samsung Galaxy S3 owners this is a very simple task with the phone’s security features.

A breech of your phone’s security can result in unauthorized social media updates, access to personal information and other unwanted actions. Here are some of the Galaxy S3’s security features that you can use to protect yourself if you phone is lost or stolen.

Screen Lock

Few people really make use of the smartphone’s built in security features which is sad considering that so much is usually stored on these phones.

Some owners skip the screen lock because of the few extra pesky seconds that it takes to input a pin whenever you need to use the phone. The extra time will seem worthwhile though when you consider that it protects your data on the phone. Set up screen as soon as possible if you store a lot of personal and confidential data on your phone. It is really very simple to do. Just go to Screen Lock under the Settings > Security menu.

Here you can use the regular Pin protect option or the more unconventional face unlock alternative which uses the front facing camera to detect your face and compare it against a stored image. This feature is still in Beta so there might be some issues with this option.

Encrypt Your Phone’s Content

Take the security up one level by encrypting your phone and SD card’s files so that a master password will need to be entered when the phone is turned on. Encrypting takes a while depending on the amount of data stored on the phone so be patient and give it some time to complete. You can find the option to encrypt by going to Settings > Security > Encrypt device.

Remote controls

The remote control feature in the Galaxy S3 lets owners locate the phone from the Samsung website and lock it remotely. If the phone is lost or stolen you will be able to identify where it is and protect your valuable data from thieves.

You must first register for an account at sumsung in order to use this feature. Once you do will be able to control your phone remotely. It is a free service that only requires that you provide your email address. The service locates the phone by detecting its GPS radio and it can be activated on your phone using the Settings > Security > Remote controls menu.

Use your elegant Samsung Galaxy i8730 mobile phone to monitor your security system at home.

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