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How To Maximise Your Earning Potential With Education

Difficult economic times have made a lot of us reconsider the work that we do, asking questions about whether it’s right for us or whether we’re earning enough money to make ends meet. Whether you’re looking to change job completely or are simply after a better paid position within your current line of work, education can often provide the answer.

Here, we take a look at a few ways in which you can maximise your earning potential with education.


If your current job affords you a bit of spare time, why not use what you already know to earn a little extra on the side? The perfect way to do this is to teach English as a foreign language. One of the best things about this as a secondary career path is that it is easy to do, very flexible and teachers are in high demand.

Courses designed to turn you into a personal tutor are available in just about every city as are the language schools in which people like you work. Both the learning and teaching schedules are extremely flexible, designed to work well for individuals in education or employment elsewhere.


Perhaps you feel that you’re in the wrong field altogether and are keen to try your hand at something new? Taking on a vocational course with City and Guilds could open the door to an exciting and prosperous career path.

The courses are designed specifically for those with no prior knowledge or experience in the field, making them the perfect choice for somebody looking to change careers to increase their earnings. From beauty therapy and hairdressing to courses based around the oil and gas industry, City and Guilds qualifications cover plenty of options.

University education

Whether you’re looking for a higher position in your current line of work or something a bit more prestigious in another field, a university degree can be the key to securing a better job. While the fees for university courses may seem a little daunting, the repayment plan is a forgiving one.

Returning to university can not only see you achieve qualifications which pave your way to better employment, but it can be the perfect catalyst to give you the motivation to go a long way in the field of your choice. Graduates typically earn more than non-graduates too, so there are plenty of financial benefits up for grabs.

Evening classes

If you’re not in a position to leave your job to pursue education but are still after a solution to help climb the ladder of employment, evening classes offer a great alternative to full time study. Evening classes can help you fill in the gaps in your experience which are required for you to take the next step – be it computing, mathematics or written skills. What makes them a particularly popular choice is that they are taught for adults in a similar position to yourself. The course won’t typically require students to have any prior knowledge but they will offer you the grounding you need to propel yourself into a position which can offer you an increased earning potential.

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