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How to Save for University Life

These days the thought of heading off to university or a further education college is more often met with financial fear as opposed to prosperous positivity and ensuring you’ve got enough funds is essential for studying without extra stress. It doesn’t matter how great your salary may or may not be once your course is over, if you haven’t got enough means to purchase text books, pay for rent and support your everyday living expenses then you’re going to find yourself with a mountain of debt.

Below are some great tips on how to fight off financial strains and prepare your bank account in readiness for testing times ahead. Good luck and don’t forget that it will all be worthwhile in the long run as long as you’re fully prepared and able to concentrate solely on your studies.

Sell, sell, sell

Getting shot of old clothes, unused games consoles and anything else that you’re never going to need again is pretty much exactly what you should be doing prior to heading for university.

  • Online

EBay, Gumtree and Free Ads sites are all perfect for advertising your unwanted stuff and will also give you the perfect means by which to start off a degree in online Business Studies.

  • Garage Sale

If you’re a born sales person then why not set up a garage sale in front of your house? Label, display and smile sweetly and before long you’ll have attracted a crowd and plenty of cash too.

  • Boot Fair

These days you can set up a car boot table for next to nothing and if you package and sell correctly you’ll be on to a winner especially if you get there early and are prepared to haggle hard.

Get a Job at Home

The summer months before heading off to begin your further education course can seem like the last few moments of freedom but they are in fact the last chance to make some cash.

  • Festivals

Litter pickers, security guards and information guides are all needed at summer festivals and from getting a reasonable wage to seeing a few bands for free this is probably the best student job ever.

  • Waitressing

If you’re prepared to put in the extra shifts and interact with customers effectively then you can expect to be going off to uni with an overflowing tip jar and some great work experience to boot.

  • Bar Tending

Personally, I find bar tending easier than restaurant work although the tips aren’t as good. Longer summer opening hours mean more time for you to earn and not spend your wages.

Find Work Abroad

If you have a hankering for seeing the world before you head off to uni then working away from home is the ideal way to increase your funds whilst you travel.

  • Teach English as a Foreign Language

TEFL and CELTA courses may require an initial outlay however, once you start to work then you’ll instantly see the financial benefits as well as opening up your eyes to new and exciting cultures.

  • American kids’ camps

USA travel is pretty much top of the agenda for most young people and thankfully America is littered with summer camps where you can do just that and make some money at the same time.

  • Rep in Europe

If you don’t fancy spending all day with kids at summer camp then why not try your hand at working on a European campsite or holiday resort where cleaning, entertaining and welcoming roles can be found in abundance.

Make some Lifestyle Changes

If you really want to save some money then the buck stops with you and the first thing that you have to do is control what you’re spending.

  • Second hand Shopping

Forget designer labels in expensive boutiques, charity shop browsing is the way forward if you really have to spend money on clothes. Mix and match, make do and mend or simply improvise with what you’ve got.

  • Live with your Folks

The temptation to move away from home can be pretty strong as you prepare for further education however, if you can resist the urge and buckle down with some chores to earn your keep then you’re bound to save money and might even learn a thing or two before you finally move out.

  • Cut down on Direct Debits

Beware of credit cards and hire purchase agreements because you’ll only find yourself in deeper trouble before your course has even started. Break down your incomings and outgoings and try to stick to the bear minimum direct debits and bank fees.

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