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Published on May 7th, 2018 | by Jelena D


How To Sell Yourself When Applying For A Library Aide Job

Are you applying for a library aide job? Do you need to sell yourself on your resume so that you are hired? A library aide position can be the beginning of a more satisfying, lucrative position later on, but only if you manage to convincingly sell yourself during the job application process.


Hiring managers want to see a resume that stands out from all the rest. Do not submit your “one size fits all” ten-year-old resume as you shake off the dust and present it along with your job application. Everyone must take stock and update their resume each and every time they undertake further training, change jobs or gain further qualifications so that the resume remains fresh and current, not dull and out of date. When applying for a library aide job, cut out unnecessary personal or work-related information. Instead, tweak the resume so that it only contains relevant information. Include such training as IT certificates, diplomas and higher IT-based qualifications, as this looks much more impressive on a resume than two terms of pottery taken at the local college.

Customer Service Skills

Do you possess strong customer service skills? Have you had any experience working with the public as a receptionist, or cashier? A library aide will need to be prepared to provide a public service for library patrons. Prior customer service experience is a highly desirable skill that can be used to land a job as a library aide. Even if you have not dealt with direct customer service, do you have any experience working with children in a school setting or in childcare? Children are an important part of the “public” and any public service you have provided that has benefited children should be mentioned in a library aide job application.

Strong Cover Letter

Job applicants should not forget the most important aspect of the job hunt of all, and that is the presence of a strong cover letter. Remember how you used to write self assessment essays in school? Use the cover letter to briefly highlight your skills and qualifications and mention why it is you should be hired above all others. What specific skills can you bring to the library?

Library aide job applicants must work on their resume so that it is focused on the needs and requirements of the job. In addition, they should not hesitate to mention relevant customer service skills that will prove useful as a library aide. Finally, a library aide job applicant must write a strong cover letter that highlights and summarises their skills and credentials.

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