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How Using The Internet For Recruitment Speeds Up The Process

Even in today’s difficult economic climate, it can sometimes be hard to find suitable personnel for your business. Typically, when you advertise a job you will receive plenty of applications, however, many of these will be unsuitable as people speculatively look for jobs in areas where the demand for employment is higher.

Reducing the Number of Unsuitable Candidates

It is common for a single job advert to garner between 40 and 70 applications. Now, you might think that this would make finding the right person the job easy. In reality, the fact that you get so many applications actually complicates matters. The problem is that more and more people are applying for jobs that they are not really qualified to do.

Many jobseekers are so desperate to find work that they ignore requests for a certain qualification orlevels of experience and send in their CV anyway. This leaves recruitment personnel having to wade through dozens of applications from people who are not suitable for the job. When you consider that even skim reading each application take several minutes you can easily waste two or three hours dealing with applications from unsuitable candidates.

If you use the internet for your recruitment you can significantly reduce this problem. Provided you use a specialist job board that focuses on your industry you should find that the vast majority of people who apply for your jobs are properly qualified. Therefore, if you are a retailer looking for new recruits for your shop, it makes sense to use a job board that specialises in retail recruitment. To see a good example of a retail focused job board visit the website.

The Fastway to Post your Jobs

If you continue to post your jobs using traditional methods you are likely to continue to find yourself having to fill out several different pro formas, which can be very time consuming. When you post a job online, you do not have this problem. All you need to do is to cut and paste an existing job description, which has been updated, into the simple pro forma that is provided. The best job websites and job boards make sure that it is possible to post your new vacancy with only a few minutes work.

Save yourself Time and Money

Because when you use a specialist job board you get a higher percentage of suitable candidates, you will save yourself a considerable amount of time when it comes to the shortlisting and interviewing stages. Provided you use the right job boards, you should also find that your advertising costs are far lower. The best job websites offer discounts for those who need to recruit on a regular basis or who want to advertise multiple positions. The fact that you only have to advertise in one place should mean that even a small independent retailer will save money by using an online job board rather than advertising in several newspapers and magazines.

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