General Importance Of Health During IES Exam Preparation

Published on March 23rd, 2018 | by Ryan


Importance Of Health During IES Exam Preparation

Great achievements are preceded by great preparation. This is true for everything in life and not just an exam. But it is important not to lose sight of other important and basic things in the process. One thing that always gets compromised upon when we are out to achieve something and that is our health. Many of us compromise on food or rest when we have deadlines or exams or an important presentation. It is very important to realize that all our hard work will go down the drain if we fall sick or burn-out due to too much stress.

This applies to preparation of the IES Exams too. Many students study 16 to 18 hours a day which is detrimental to their health and hampers their ability to do well in the exams. It is of utmost importance to maintain healthy studying habits in order to keep our energy and stamina intact. A sharp mind is the result of a healthy body.

Few things to keep in mind in order to maintain your health during your preparations are listed here.

  1. Balanced Diet: This is very important no matter what you do. This is not restricted to exam preparation. To maintain a healthy body a balanced diet is of great importance. Eat your meals at proper meal times. Eat a heavy breakfast and a light dinner. Keep snacking on healthy food such as nuts or salads if you are studying late at night and you get hunger pangs. Avoid junk food and keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water.
  1. Rest and sleep: Sleep is as important as your diet, maybe even more. Sleep will refresh your mind and help with your focus and concentration when you are studying. If you are sleep deprived your mind will get sluggish and your concentration and attention span will diminish as the days pass. 6 to 8 hours of sleep and a half –hour of nap time during the day will keep you fresh and your mind alert at all times. Enough sleep will enhance your memory power.
  1. Exercise regularly: Physical exercise is very crucial to maintain good stamina. As preparation for these exams are very sedentary it is extremely important that the aspirants include a physical exercise in their daily routine. Take up deep breathing exercises to increase oxygen supply in the body which is extremely good to keep brain activity at its best. This will enhance memory power and also reduce your study time
  1. Time out for recreation: Burnouts is one of the reasons for failure for many aspiring candidates. Many aspirants think that if they leave all leisure activities during the time of preparation and concentrate only on studying they will fare better and pass with flying colors. It is important to understand that just as a healthy body needs exercise and good food the brain needs recreation and entertainment to maximize its potential. A constructive recreational activity can help enhance memory power and keep your brain alert.
  1. Be open about your problems: If you are facing any kind of issues with your preparations or you are feeling pressured, talk it out with your parents or counselors or friends who can support and understand you . Preparation for competitive exams can sometimes be extremely stressful. Do not keep your feelings bottled up as this would result in depression which can hamper your chances of passing the exam or sometimes it may affect other parts of your life as well. Always discuss your problems the moment you encounter them.
  1. Take control of your fears: Mental health is as important as physical health during your preparations for the IES Exams. Don’t stress and break your studies into small sections. Set short term goals and do your best to achieve them. Do not let the fear factor come in if you miss a few set goals. You can always recover with a little change in the routine.

The old adage that health is wealth has never been truer. Maintaining your health during your preparations is as important as maintaining your daily routine for studying. Don’t compromise on your health because exams can be repeated but regaining health is a whole different issue.

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