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Is Working In The Restaurant Industry For You?

If you have never worked in the restaurant industry before it is well worth considering doing so. The work available is varied and many people find it interesting.

Most importantly, there is usually plenty of work available. Even during times of recessionthe industry is constantly recruiting. If you live near a large city or town you will normally find that you can move effortlessly from one position to the next.

Working in a Restaurant is not for Everyone

However, working in a restaurant is not for everyone. Many people find it easy to get a job within the industry, but quite a few end up seeking other employment. Here we will consider why that is, which should help you to decide whether you will enjoy restaurant work.

Working in a Restaurant is Hard Work

Working in a restaurant can be extremely hard work. You will have to spend many hours on your feet and will not get much opportunity for a break during busy times.

Having to Eat at Unusual Times

Legally you are entitled to breaks, but you will often have to take them during quieter times as you will be working during normal meal times. This means that you will have to adjust to having your meals at awkward times. Most people can cope with this, though many struggle to adapt to the changes of their usual eating pattern.

Unsociable Hours

Whilst more and more people in the UK are opting to go out for breakfast or lunch, the vast majority of restaurants business is still done in the evenings. There are also usually very busy at the weekends.

Therefore, if you work within the restaurant industry you will, in all likelihood, have to work primarily in the evenings and at weekends. For most people this is not a problem. Because you will usually work ten or twelve hour shifts you normally only work three or five days a week, which leaves plenty of scope for you to enjoy your own busy social life.

The Pros

If you are sure that you can cope with all of the above, working within the restaurant industry could be for you. Your work will be varied and you will get to meet lots of interesting people. As we have already said, there is also a good job security within the industry. Whilst the basic wage is normally quite low, you can still earn a reasonable wage from tips and benefits like meals being provided.

The Best way to Find Restaurant Jobs

If you have decided, after reading this, that working within the catering industries is for you, visit the website. There you will find literally hundreds of restaurant vacancies from across the UK and even further afield. Using their simple search process you can quickly find vacancies in your area. Applying is very simple. Usually all you have to do is to send in your CV. If you need to find work quickly,apply for more than one position at once.

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