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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Applications And Its Usability

Mobile computing is gaining popularity in all spheres of business these days. It has facilitated professionals in executing time specific assignments from any location at any time. Consequently, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has come up with a number of mobile applications in a bid to fulfill their customer’s need. These applications provide personalized services that enhance productivity and come up with solutions on the go. Timely execution of business processes without returning to the office has proved in increasing business productivity.

Benefits of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Applications

Benefits of JD Edwards mobile applications are unlimited. Firstly, it facilitates performing any business activity from any location rapidly. Customers are given access to important business functions via their mobile devices such as iPhone, Android or Blackberry smartphones. Secondly, these applications are not only user friendly but also are designed in an institutive manner so as to give real time access to information.

The basic aim of designing such applications is to improve productivity in businesses, in a way that professionals can review Requisition self services and Purchase orders on their device and as per their demands accept or reject them. Whatever sales details are important for any sales or product, they are delivered to organization, improving customers service.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Purchase Order Approval

This application authorizes mobile worker to either accept or reject any purchase order after reviewing it, heedless of its physical location. It gives access to the approver to all submitted purchase orders, enabling them to process these orders at anytime, from anywhere. Mobile devices provide all purchase details along with additional and requisite information, and as per the suitability it can be accepted or rejected.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Requisition Self Service Approval

This application gives its user access to review, accept or reject any requisition self service order. After the submission of a requisition self service order, it is automatically forwarded to its appropriate approver for his review along with necessary details required for the rejection or approval of the requisition self service order. As a requisition is approved from anywhere via any mobile device, it is further streamlined, thus facilitating managers in accelerating pace of their work.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Sales Inquiry

JD Edwards believes in accurate and quick customer service and that is the reason behind launching of their Mobile Sales Inquiry application. What this application does is that it delivers successfully all the information pertaining to sales order, inventory availability, prices of items as per demand, sales history, to services and sales organizations.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Expense Management

Mobile Expense Management facilitates its mobile workers in expense management by allowing them to review expense reports and subsequently accept or reject them from any location. The details of submitted expense reports are readily available and can be accessed through any standard mobile. These expense reports are not only available for review but also mobile workers have the option of updating and submitting any expense that has incurred so far.

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