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Looking To The Future With Finance Jobs

Let’s be honest – few people were dreaming of a job in finance when they were ten years old. You were hoping to become your favourite pop star, jet off into space or wow admirers in a Hollywood blockbuster. But, now, as the real world lies at your feet, a hefty pay packet is the name of the game.

And, in the hope of a good salary and a compelling job opportunity, you’ve got a finance degree under your arm and a host of graduate schemes to apply for.

But, it’s a competitive industry and, while you don’t have to be a mathematical genius, you should have a good eye for numbers and problem solving. While a degree is a start, you’ll have to decide which financial position you’re interested in taking up.

So, what finance and taxation jobs could you be applying for?

VAT Jobs

VAT jobs require a very specific knowledge of finance in order to help businesses maximise their profits and, ultimately, make themselves more efficient in tax terms.

Being such a specialist form of finance, the rewards reaped in this corner of the market can be huge, so see if you have the right skillset and you might just fall into the big bucks.


In the varied world of accountancy you’ll most likely be keeping the records of a business in order, balancing the books and ensuring that there are no faults in the ledger.

You’ll also be made to convey this information to investors, creditors and management, allowing them to see budget forecasts and set their business sights accordingly.

Financial Advisor

If you’re looking to turn your number-crunching skills into a more sociable realm, then becoming a financial adviser could be the path for you.

Generally speaking, financial advisors will give out advice on how businesses or members of the public should look after their finances and offer products or schemes that might help them improve their monetary outlook for the future.

Financial Trader

Made infamous by films such as Wall Street or Trading Places, the bustling life of the financial trader involves the buying and selling of bonds and shares to maximise client profits.

As you might expect, the work of a financial trader can be a highly profitable one, but is also replete with the potential for risky trades to come back to bite you on the proverbial buttocks.

For the budding finance enthusiast, these jobs have the potential to reap huge salary rewards and will allow you to flex those cerebral muscles.

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