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Major Tech Players Prepare to Launch New Ecommerce Solutions

What if everything you needed to run your ecommerce business was in one place? What if you could even access the information you needed from anywhere? AT&T and IBM are working to create a full ecommerce suite that will offer small business owners a number of excellent tools for running a successful business. Whether it’s the security the program offers or the ease of use, this fully managed ecommerce solutions will be big business for retailers.

What Do AT&T and IBM Have In Store?

The business deal between AT&T and IBM will allow business owners to easily provide consistent shopping experiences for customers whether they shop online, in-store, or from a mobile location. AT&T will offer access to their cloud as well as application management and network services and IBM will offer their latest ecommerce software. Business owners will have only one contract to sign for all of these services, making it easier to deduct the expense come tax season.

How Will It Help Businesses?

No matter how you’re trying to sell to the consumer, AT&T and IBM want the transaction to go smoothly. This will be done by offering a number of enticing features. First of all, businesses will be able to easily scale up website and application hosting to meet the needs during busy seasons. Another benefit is enhanced security. However, one benefit that can’t be overlooked is the ease of implementing such a system. The suite will offer starter stores that make it easier to get started using the service.

Should You Invest in Such a Suite of Services?

Is this something that every small business owner needs? It depends. Those that already take orders through various outlets, should definitely consider this all in one solution. Businesses that hope to expand to different outlets should also look into this service. Those that prefer to stick with one means of accepting orders and selling goods will find that this solution offers unneeded services. In other words, if you plan to offer a different way of accepting orders, or already do, you need to consider this solution for making it easier to run your small business.

AT&T and IBM are certainly taking a step in the right direction. With many businesses accepting orders through various outlets, it only makes sense for a company to offer a service that makes it easier to manage these sales and you can certainly find more options online, whether you use these services or not. It’s a step in the right direction that many new and old businesses will find useful. Be sure to keep an eye out for this new service which will release sometime in 2013.

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