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MBA Offers Lucrative Career Opportunities

Business school research should be one of the most critical ingredients of your entire MBA application process.  With MBA graduates from good business schools in high demand in the job market, a number of inferior institutes have come up to cater to the unprecedented of an  MBA degree in India. These second-string MBA institutes neither have the faculty or the infrastructure to provide any meaningful education which will enhance the employability factor of their students. Their sole aim is to earn some fast cash and the degree they offer is often not worth the paper they are printed on. A Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA) on the other hand from a top level B-School can do wonders for your career. Established management institutes have world class faculty and infrastructure and the knowledge they offer is of immediate practical relevance.

This is the reason, it is emphasised time and again to pay close attention to the types of business schools you are applying to and whether it offers a close fit with your knowledge, attitude and skill sets. If you spend some time researching about the management school and get this process right, then be assured that all your efforts starting from your preparation for postgraduate management program to the gaining of degree itself is going to fall into place.

MBA Offers Lucrative Career Opportunities

Please remember that a post graduate degree in management is a serious investment of time and money. A degree from a low quality management institute for all intents and purposes is not going to bring to your door step a high paying job with a good corporation. You will have your needs to take care of along with the loans that you may have taken from banks for your study.  It is highly unlikely that with a meagre salary you are going to achieve either satisfactorily.

Good business schools on the other hand offer very high return on investment (ROI).  Their degree is revered by the market as they are known to produce competent and job ready graduates who can contribute to their organization from day one. They command premium salaries from their employers and as such find themselves in the comfortable position of returning whatever loans they would have taken for their studies.

Quality MBA program from well-established business schools can lend a tremendous boost to a student’s career opportunities by opening new areas of mobility and expertise for them.  Degree from an accomplished college is an investment worth making as it offers sufficient amount of exposure, skills and management competence that unfailingly brings it with high level of professional and personal development. There are top level institutes in India who offer high value MBA courses without CAT. You need not despair if you fail to score high in Common Aptitude Test (CAT) for there are many quality MBA institutes who accept scores of other popular all India management exams like XAT, MAT, etc. Rooted in excellence, top quality management schools ensure that they find the best match between the student’s objectives and the employer’s expectations. The facilities, infrastructure academic environment and faculty they offer provide students with a broader view of the global business.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

GMAT is a 3½-hour standardized exam developed by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), which determines what kinds of skills the GMAT should measure — and how it should measure them.  The relevance and importance of this test as a measure of a student’s ability to successfully complete an MBA program can be gauged from the fact that close to 1400 out of the 2,000 business schools around the world offer admission based on your GMAT score. This, however, in no way implies that the remaining 600 or so management institutes who offer MBA courses without GMAT are of inferior quality and worth not your consideration. In fact nothing could be further from the truth as many of them accept GRE Revised General Test scores for giving admission.

GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is a half-day standardized exam designed to provide admissions committee members, career counsellors, and prospective applicants with predictors of academic performance in graduate-level academic study (Masters and Ph.D. programs). The test consists of three sections dealing with analytical writing, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning.

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