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North Versus South: Where Should You Go To Music School?

When it comes to music education, it turns out that not every school provides the same focus. Just like most other differentiating beliefs, the location of the school plays a huge role in what the focus of the music school is. Schools located in the North have different focuses and training options than schools in the South. Traditionally, Northern schools have options that are either incredibly classical or experimental, while Southern schools focus on traditional music careers with options like jazz, classical, and teaching degrees.


The JuilliardSchool: Juilliard is the be-all-end-all of music schools in the United States. Juilliard is not just a school for musicians, but also a school for prodigies. If you are not one of the top musicians in the entire world, you simply will be unable to attend Juilliard. Juilliard is an interesting school, because it has some of the most traditional, classical studies, but also some of the most experimental musicians in the world. All of the teachers at the school are top in their field, and the entire school is competitive from day one.

Mannes Collegeand the New Schoolfor Music: This conservatory is located in the heart of New York City. This school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in voice, music composition, and classical music performance. Most of the faculty of the school are in the Metropolitan Opera and the Philharmonic Orchestra. The school also focuses on traditional jazz and other more contemporary music programs.

Berklee Collegeof Music: Berklee in Boston is one of the most unique and experimental music colleges in the entire world. The focus of the school is on the epractice and study of contemporary music, from hip-hop to as-yet-undiscovered musical styles. The goal of Berklee is to join music, technology, and innovation in the creation of music that is as beautiful as it is experimental.


The Shepherd School of Music: Rice University is one of the most esteemed music schools in the South. Rice is located in Houston,Texas, and offers a more traditional musical focus like opera and orchestra. The school also offers traditional marching band studies. The goal of the school is to offer students the education necessary to become symphony members, professional classical musicians, or music teachers.

The Frost School of Music: The Frost School of Music is the southern answer to Juilliard. This school offers traditional programs like vocals, opera, and orchestra. What makes the school stand out, however, is the focus on contemporary music. You will also find degree programs here for studio music, jazz, and the business side of music, like music engineering and marketing.

TheUniversityofNew Orleans: When it comes to southern music schools, The University of New Orleans is legendary for its music program. As a resident of Louisiana, the focus of the school naturally is geared toward jazz and blues music. Some of the greatest jazz players of all time are professors at the music program.

So, what side of the country is right for you? It really depends on what you want to focus on. If you want a good, all-around music program, or a focus on traditional southern music, like jazz or country, a southern school will fit you best. If you are looking for experimental music, or the most prestigious music education in the world, you cannot go wrong in a northern music school.

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