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Overview Of PNG Image Format

What is PNG Image Format

The video world is colorful and kind of complicated with numerous file formats. In contrary, there are fewer image file formats, among while, JPG, TIF, PNG, and GIF are the most popular ones. Apparently, these image formats were created for specific, yet different, purposes. All of them have got their own pros and cons. This time, we will say something about the PNG format. Honestly, not everyone is familiar with PNG since it was a recently introduced format. Shorting for Portable Network Graphics, PNG was developed in 1996 for the web. To be more precise, PNG is not created to replace the GIP but to deal with the shortcomings of GIF file format.

Without exaggeration, the PNG, in all aspects, can be regarded as the superior version of the GIF. Just like the GIF format, the PNG is saved with 256 colors maximum but it saves the color information more efficiently. It also supports an 8 bit transparency. Using a non-patented lossless data compression method known as deflation, the PNG has got stronger compression capability than GIF. For example, an image in a PNG file can be 10 to 30% more compressed than in a GIF format. In addition, the PNG format can support three different styles of transparency: one for indexed color images and two for grayscale or true color images. Tips: check how to convert SWF to PNG via Mac SWF video converter.

Pros of PNG Image File Format

1. Great compression capability empowered by high compression technology, no original quality or details will lost after compression.

2. Create small image file size than GIF does.

3. Supports transparency better than GIF, making it easier to move images from one background to another easy.

4. Built-in gamma correction, allowing users to see an image the way it was intended to be seen by selecting the gamma level intended for their monitor.

Cons of PNG Image File Format

1. It is not good for large images since they will generate a very large file, even larger than JPEG at times.

2. The PNG cannot be animated as the way GIF does.

3. There are some web browsers that cannot support PNG file format.

In a Nutshell

As the saying goes, every coin has two sides, so does the PNG format. Inspite of its disadvantages, PNG is, somehow a good file format for storing images with great color depth and other important information.

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