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Practical Advice for Parents Considering Boarding School

Many parents choose to put their children in boarding school. There are a number of reasons for this, such as considerations for their educational future and career, family tradition and also to ease parents’ working conditions. Whatever the reasoning behind boarding school, it can be a difficult and time for both child and parent. This article briefly outlines a few ways in which you can make the whole process a lot more straightforward with some boarding school preparation techniques.


Harry Potter

It might sound slightly absurd, but the world’s most famous child wizard is one of the most successful preparation techniques to get children motivated and even excited about their time living away from home. If you get your children to read the books, they will be taken into a world of wizardry and realise that, although they are extremely unlikely to fly on broomsticks any time soon, boarding school can be lots of fun.

In the same way that Harry Potter can be of benefit, it is also recommended for your child or children to speak to other people that you know who are attending or have attended boarding school. Suggest that they tell some stories and anecdotes about life at a boarding school. All of this will make your offspring much more excited about the whole experience.

Reminders of home

One of the main problems for children moving away to boarding school is that they become homesick. It can be terribly unsettling at such a young age to move away and be far away from everything that you are used to. To make this process easier, it is recommended for the child to take away some object that they are used to from home. Some good examples of this can a blanket or duvet cover, cuddly toys, furniture, pictures and posters to line the walls.


Close to home

If your children are boarding, then you want their school to be in close proximity to your home or at least easy to get to by public transport or by car. If you are coming from London, whether you live there or your flight arrives there, there are top boarding schools like Alexanders School which are in easy reach by car or train from London.


With regular trips home and visits from you, your child should have a much easier time away from home as it will not feel so distant. After a few weeks or months they may enjoy their school so much that they never want to leave.


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